Thursday, July 5, 2018

Why do senior citizens shout?

Why do Senior Citizens Shout?

Someone asked in Quora: Why do senior citizens shout at times instead of being polite? My take on the topic is given below:

I do not want to justify why elders shout while approaching an issue. However I can give a few reasons why they do so:

·        They are, many of them, hard of hearing. They imagine others also understand only if the speak aloud.
·        Secondly they do not have patience nor implicit faith that normal speech would yield results as they see others ill treating them everywhere, showing disrespect. They imagine that only shouting will attract attention (similar to children crying to gain attention)
·        “We are experienced and know everything” is their starting point and they get irritated when  they are doubted or questioned. It may be true that the experience may not be relevant to present day needs / issues.
·        Some of them may have enjoyed positions of power before retirement and feel a sudden loss of engagement, power, social acceptance or authority. This upsets them and they cannot digest it or cope with it. It manifests as shouting, impotent anger, if I may say so
·        Some seniors have a loud voice by nature. For instance my neighbor, retired employee from corporate sector, always talks loudly. Entire family does so. We can hear every bit they talk among themselves. So when the father calls from upstairs his son living in ground floor, it almost looks they are quarrelling or fighting. This habit extends to others outside the house also, say when he talks to the garbage collector or the postman.

It is quite possible that the questioner has not seen the same seniors he is finding fault with, in other settings like say when they are in a meeting or in a temple or in a marriage. In these places / occasions their image / prestige is at stake and would behave with great restraint.

All said and done seniors are seniors and let them have the pleasure of giving vent to their unquenched anger at the fag end of their lives. Others can learn to appreciate the inner turmoil going on and not make a big fuss about it. What do you say?

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