Friday, July 13, 2018

Electrical accessories – Good Brand Name Counts!

Electrical accessories – Good Brand Name Counts!
(Product Review)

When we built our house in 1981 we got the entire electrical wiring done using Anchor accessories. They lasted well over four decades. About seven years ago we got total re-wiring done to accommodate effective use of three phase connection, to ensure proper earthing at all points etc. At that point time the contractor went for Maru brand. That is a big mistake we committed.

Over years we had to replace almost every piece of accessory – be it switch, plug pins, socket or fan regulator and adaptors. Most of them could not stand test of time or normal use. They break or got mutilated quickly. Switches just don't function.I am not all satisfied with Maru and would not recommend them to any.

There are a couple of points in our house where lot of repair work occurs. No electrician is able to locate the root cause and every one of them goes away after giving temporary relief. Bad accessories add to our misery.

I like Anchor brand for another reason. Their logo reminds me of Madras Christian College and school where I studied. They keep reminding me of my alma-mater. Isn’t that great?

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