Sunday, July 8, 2018

Obsessed with personal passions

Obsessed with personal passions

In the past, I have been a part of the team (committee) engaged in framing the program schedule for a few national and international conferences dealing with the issues of the elderly. These were annual events organized by federations / confederations at state or national level, like AISCCON, APSCCON, ISU3A etc.  We used to get suggestions for topics to be included for discussion or submission of papers for presentation. Or ideas / suggestions while framing resolutions. There were many instances of people losing balance or proper perspective and suggesting widely off the mark topics for inclusion in the event. I can understand and tolerate if an ‘irrelevant’ paper is sent for inclusion in a souvenir but not for the main event, not even in poster sessions.

For instance one member suggested that we should discuss raising (he meant rising) milk prices and banning export of meat. Another person is obsessed with objecting to politicians trying to advance elections. A third person wants Heartfulness meditation as a session. I was totally taken aback when I got a write-up describing the troubles the writer had had while constructing his house. He was not even a senior citizen at that time.

Why are people so obsessed or single minded? My problem is not with the person’s passion for his topic but how to convince him that it is off-topic? I remind myself that I am part of a committee and make it appear like a collective decision to escape the displeasure of some friends.

I know a senior citizen who has been tirelessly working for the cause of seniors. His focus has been changing as demanded by developments in the society. Many topics like Health Insurance, unification of SCAs, generic medicines, fighting against   governmental neglect regarding seniors’ issues and concerns, Elder abuse, corporate social responsibility and others have engaged his attention, benefiting the community at large. However, depending upon his current passion / focus, he would talk on the same (pet) subject irrespective of the platform / purpose / audience! This will continue until he latches on to some other area of concern about the elderly!!

As they say, one does not know what is on one’s back. So let me stop my  aimless lamentation.

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