Monday, July 9, 2018

How to use Snooze facility in Gmail?

 How to use Snooze facility in Gmail?

You can snooze any message in Inbox, if you wish to take action on it at a later time.
In the inbox listing of messages any message can be selected and snoozed. There are options to put off taking action till the next day or to weekend (Sunday) or to next week (beginning) Monday. Or you can choose a date and time to ‘wake up’ using the calendar. On the appointed day the message pending action is shown at the top of inbox.

Snoozing is a valuable tool. Earlier I used to mark messages with different colour stars. This was confusing as you do not keep updating / changing the colour of stars.
Unfortunately this snooze option is available only in New Gmail.

I am a member of a discussion group where I get a quiz / game to solve every day. It could be mathematical question or a language based problem. Members are supposed to send answers to quiz master directly before the end of the day. Answers along with details of members who participated are announced next morning. Here snoozing works brilliantly.

There is a snooze label on the left column adjacent to message listing along with Inbox Drafts etc. Here you will see all snoozed items. You can open and act upon any of them thus pre-empting snoozing till specified period. It is like cancelling a timer before the due/end time.

A picture of snooze option setting is shown below

If you come across any special uses of snooze as compared to google keep please let me know.

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