Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Why Google is God


Google is omnipresent: Everywhere in mobiles, schools, govt offices, shops, trains, buses in fact with all millions of people using smart phones to laptop to desktop.

Google is omniscient: Knows all and everything. Everyone tries googling with lot of hope & great faith that they will get what they ask. Google data base is collective human memory reduced to writing and digitalized somewhere.

No one knows Google fully. Even Google employees do not know all products and services their nuances etc. What they know and perceive is google. That perception is far from REAL google.
Do you think Sunder Piachai knows Google completely? I doubt.

Google is omnipotent: It has potency and power to bring people together totally unknown hitherto.

No one has seen Google fully. Be it their servers, programs, database or people connected with it. It is a virtual world. Maya and Maya to the core.

Was Google there from the very beginning? To clear your doubt, ask any child or your grandson. They will stare at you as if you are a lunatic.

For these and several reasons you can come up with on your own, Google is GOD.

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