Thursday, July 12, 2018

Some minus points about New Gmail

Some minus points about New Gmail

A new version of Gmail was released in May 2018. Initially it was available to select set of innovative / experimenting users. I was lucky to be one of them. I read up several forum discussions and help files before using New Gmail. Many have written about new features and facilities in New Gmail like: snoozing a message in Inbox for action at a later point of time, sending confidential mail that can be deleted from recipient’s inbox as specified by you, integrating Google keep, calendar etc into Gmail itself etc. But very few have written about minus points. Here are a couple of them

As earlier, incoming messages can be automatically sorted into labels (categories) like priority, promotional etc. Some marketing guys use Gmail to push a lot of promotional messages almost nearing spam. If they get into promotional folder automatically reader is likely to get back to them only when he has time to waste. I am told that auto selection using artificial intelligence techniques are working in opposite direction. Anyway I am not affected as I delete all spam / promotional messages after reading them manually.

In old Gmail video attachments were easy to use. You could open them right inside Gmail and watch them via streaming. There was no need to download and then open them. Now in New Gmail this facility has been removed or is not working as expected. Downloading a large video file without any idea about its content is waste of time, bandwidth etc. Moreover one may not be equipped to open all types of video files. One easy work around is to save it in Gdrive and play from there: you save time and space.

Another small minor point: Constant and more frequent feedback as to what is happening (mail sent, mail archived, mail deleted etc) is irritating.
We can do without constant nagging intimations.

How I am overcoming deficiencies? I have old Gmail in Firefox and New Gmail in Chrome browser. Many queries in Quora that I wanted to answer forced me to learn more by shear experimenting. Through my friends I have learnt how to use new gmail features effectively. It is great but may be improved over time.


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