Monday, July 2, 2018

Securing your house before going on tour - Tips for Senior Citizens

Securing your house before going on tour

This note is meant for those living alone, especially senior citizens. Your house has to be secured against theft, burglary, trespass or abuse during your absence. Here are a dozen ideas serving that end, before you proceed on travel.

1. Don’t announce to the entire world that you are going to be away. Avoid loud discussions about travel your plans with neighbors in public places or in the presence of servants. Be discrete to extent feasible.
2. See that you take adequate measures to handle regular visitors or vendors like paper boys, Milk supplier, postman etc in your absence. If you are away for a few days, anyone can notice newspapers strewn all over your front yard or overflowing letters in your mailbox. This will give ideas to thieves to plan an attack.
3. Leave a word with trust worthy neighbors to keep an eye for any untoward happenings and to alert you
4. Leave urgent contact numbers (not just yours  but also of those through whom someone can reach you in case of emergency) with people whom you trust.
5. Secure doors and windows properly.
6. Shift valuables to a safe locker in a bank
7. Ensure that electricity, water, gas and similar utilities are turned off. For example, if you leave inlet water line open in a sump, accumulated water will overflow resulting in not only wastage of water but also give away clues about your absence.
8. Use social media like FaceBook and Twitter responsibly. Dangers are real.
9. Most seniors do not trust the police as they fear that informing them to keep a watch might work adversely. During the past couple of years image of police has improved and depending on rapport you have with your local police, decide accordingly.
10. Set up CCTV cameras at strategic points with recording to a system connected to Internet such that it can be accessed in case of need. Don’t switch off this circuit!
11. If the house is secluded you may think of electric fencing.
12. If you engage a part time gardener or watchman in your absence, please do have his past verified by police

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