Monday, June 25, 2018

Sewing skills and Senior Citizens

Sewing skills and Senior Citizens

Many senior citizens, especially ladies, can sew as a part of tailoring or dress making. Though tailors, surgeons and cobblers can sew, their purposes and skills vary. All sewing is not the same. Cobblers cannot boast they can sew your heart and make you healthy. Nor can a surgeon equally produce neat dresses like a tailor.  This variation, though sewing is the connecting thread among all these professions, made me think of other professions where sewing skills are required.

Before branching to that discussion let me look at the elderly. Their skills may have become blunt because of poor eyesight or shaky hands. Or loss of power in their legs may hinder their output, if they are sewing using a tailoring machine. Sewing among seniors as a hobby is fine but as a livelihood is drudgery and unwelcome.  Just as there are free tailoring classes for poor women to get a good job, are there similar opportunities for seniors? No, none that I know of. 

I don’t know why, most of the tailors I have had long association with for getting clothes stitched have been old. In my school days I remember hanging around one old tailor’s shop on the eve of Deepavali to get our new dresses. Couple of years ago our family tailor, an old man, died and I had to search for a replacement. The one I found near our colony is a fabric mender (alteration expert) too and he is also old.

A list of professions in which sewing skills are needed in varying measure is given below:

Keep guessing what these professionals are involved in until my next part comes out describing each! In case you get stuck up or are in a hurry, remember these are hyperlinks leading to Wikipedia!


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