Thursday, June 28, 2018

Safety Tips for Seniors, specially those living alone

Safety Tips for Seniors, specially those living alone

I watched a brief interview given by Sri Sailesh Mishra on handling security issues in the house. Here is my brief take home from that interview. If you can follow Hindi better see the video yourself:

Excellent Interview. Very simple things can save you, Saileshji stressed. Summary: Have your servants drivers etc verified by police. Keep cctv cameras in the house if you can't afford keep a few real but many dummies - to create a scare. In apartment complexes strangers may be allowed in after capturing finger prints. In the night keep curtains closed. Have security latch or peep hole in doors. Don't announce to entire world in social media about travel plans. Before you meet courier or gas delivery man or food delivery man keep cash ready. Don't exhibit your wealth or jewelry. Treat servants with kindness and be polite - many cases of vengeful attitude of scolded servants causes tragedy. Invite friends to your house. Encourage / educate your neighbors to be more responsive / responsible. I liked the rich flow of info in a short time. Thanks to Sailesh & the TV house

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