Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Book Review: Remember Me - You Me and Dementia: By Sailesh Mishra

Remember Me: You Me and Dementia: By Sailesh Mishra Published by Silver Innings, Mumbai Oct 2017 pp xii + 253 Price Rs 450/ - Available through Amazon
(Book Review by Dr P Vyasamoorthy)

This book by Sailesh Mishra, who has over a decade of experience in elder care, is a timely addition to  Indian literature on the topic. It has about 50 chapters. Three chapters (ch 1-3) explain basics of dementia and two more (Ch 8 &9) deal with differentiating dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Specific issues / problems like: memory loss, incontinence, hallucinations, depression, delusions, aggressive behaviour, wandering away, bed sores are dealt with in separate chapters.

Care giving activities like Washing, bathing, giving food, dressing, dental care, keeping patients occupied with hobbies, pastimes or games have again been dealt with chapters in their own right.

As many as seven poems are included indicating that poetic expression lends itself to cathartic emotiveness. Just giving one example, Sarala’s poem  “Dementia, the Demon” typifies an AD patient and depicts the frustrations of a caregiver.

Advice to caregivers on avoiding care giver stress is provided.  Role of community in care provision take up two chapters (Ch 47 & 49).  Chapters 44 & 25 answer the most frequently asked question: “I am becoming forgetful; am I slipping into AD?”

Chapter 26 “What if I have dementia?” will surely be comforting to many seniors
who are likely to be diagnosed for AD as it gives practical tips. “Living Alone” also falls into this category.

End Matter contains endorsements, acknowledgements, resources, and references. References lean heavily on the sub theme of non-pharma approach to dealing with   dementia.  Afterword by Prof Siva Raju adds credibility to the author.

One small advice when the book goes for revision: In the Table of Contents, some chapter headings are in bold and others are in normal font giving an incorrect impression that the chapters are grouped according to some sub topics.  If chapters are really grouped into sub themes it will be very useful.

On the whole the book is neatly produced, cover design is attractive and the pricing is just right for Indian market. It will be useful to students and teachers of gerontology and geriatrics, doctors, Managers of Care giving centers, Caregivers and trainers and to any library in Senior Citizens   Associations.   


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  1. Thanks Sir for book review, it is invaluable when it comes from you.

    Sailesh Mishra