Saturday, December 16, 2017

Book Review - Detect Adulteration with Rapid Test. FSSAI.

Book Review - Detect Adulteration with Rapid Test
Here is an authoritative compilation of 41 simple quick tests to detect adulteration in food items of daily use. Published by Food Safety Standards Authority of India, Delhi. Date Unknown.
The booklet available in pdf format is embedded below. It has six sections. Milk and Milk Products - 4 tests; Oils & Fats - one test; Sugars and Confectionary - 2 tests; Food Grains and its products - 9 tests; Spices and condiments - 12 Tests; Miscellaneous - 13 tests.  Under the last category peas, coffee powder, tea leaves, supari, pulses. sweet potato, wax polished apple, mustard, turmeric powder etc are covered.
The booklet will be more useful if a complete list of 41 tests are indexed. The feedback form in pdf can not be filled and returned. Special efforts are needed by users to send feedbak. So not much feedback can be expected.
This is a very valuable booklet for the common man. You will also get to know how many different ways merchants and traders can cheat you!

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