Saturday, May 13, 2017

Two more Telugu Books on Gerontology released in Hyderabad

Two more Telugu Books on Gerontology released in Hyderabad

On 9th May 2017 two books in Telugu were released. The event was a part of birthday celebration of members of Association of Senior Citizens, in Lions Bhavan Secunderabad. It coincided with the birthday of one of the authors: Sobha

The first book is “Mighty Ninety” written by Dr Sobha Gurajada Perindevi. It is a compilation of biographical sketches of several senior citizens who have crossed 90. Most important among them is Sri Roop Narayan Mital, Immediate Past President of AISCCON. The book is a good source to learn about seniors who have attained fame.

The second book is by Sri Chepuri Shankar Rao entitled: Vurddho Rakshata Rakshitaha  which translates to: Those protect the elderly will be protected.

Dignitaries on the dais viz: Sri RN Mittal, Sri IM Bhalla, Dr Vyasamoorthy, Sri Khanapur Krishna Rao, Sri Chepuri Shankar Rao, Smt Sobha Perindevi, Octogenarian mother of Sobha, Smt Hymavathi Bhimanna and others spoke about the authors and the books. Copies were distributed to participants in the audience as well.

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