Sunday, May 28, 2017

This summer, why not count your blessings?

This summer, why not count your blessings?

In summer we generally fret and fume about hot sun and sultry weather. I keep lamenting everyday that the temperature – in Hyderabad - is touching 43+ degrees Celsius, or about that range.  Reading the weather report and news how others in neighbouring districts / states are faring leaves you all the more frustrated. You take all precautions before venturing out for any work – wearing caps, taking umbrella, drinking water etc. If we learn to count our blessings, psychologically our sufferings will be low and bearable.  Let me enumerate some of the advantages of blistering hot weather.

  • ·        Clothes dry up very fast; no need to put them for drying inside the house after evening.
  • ·        Mosquitoes vanish; they cannot survive in that dry heat
  • ·        Preparing Papad, Vadiyalu  or Pickles is easy
  • ·        Curtains and bed sheets may be washed and dried quickly
  • ·        We can enjoy cold water bath – no hot water necessary - saves energy
  • ·        Butter for bread melts easily
  • ·        We can enjoy ice cream, various juices, deserts etc
  • ·        No one can forget Mangoes, Munjal or Sugar Cane Juice
  • ·        We can put off work involving moving around blaming it on the heat.
  • ·        If at you stir out, you can enjoy traffic less roads
  • ·        You can enjoy reading books in natural sun light

I can list out some more. But why not you contribute?

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