Thursday, May 25, 2017



I feel like a tiny insect caught in the web of procrastination.
Who is this spider at the centre, 
frightening to devour / destroy me completely?

Is it the demon of laziness?
Lack of determination grit or will power?
Fear of venturing out?
A sense of incompetence?
Or, self assumed distorted view about one’s time?
Well, what is that?

That central creature
Whatever that may be
Is playing havoc every night
With my poor rattled soul;
I live like Dr Jekyll and Hyde
Dr Jekyll by night and Hyde by day.
During the nights I make pious resolutions
Which only evaporate during next day.
It shows an accusing finger at me
Condemning me squarely –
You -  good for nothing fellow.

When will I kill that demon and set myself free,
How and with whose grace,
I wonder.

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