Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Midsummer Night Rain - 2017

Midsummer Night Rain - 2017

Last night it rained heavily:
ear-splitting thunder,
blinding lightning,
belligerent hailstorm,
of course
lashing rains.

mango and margosa trees,
tall and swaying ashoka trees,
never-failing anar tree
had a nice and through wash,
leaving them
bright, green and beautiful,
as never before.

Decades ago
when I was in Satyam
there were quadrangles in the centre of hexagonal building
open to the sky in which
decorative plants like croton and the like
were planted and nurtured;
there was an old man employed
whose duty it was, 
just to clean each leaf with water
keep the plants look green and fresh.

How many hundreds of such workers
I would have needed
To keep my few trees
As clean and green as rains did
Last night.

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