Monday, February 5, 2018



On a regular basis we hear many noises that become part of our lives. I wish to catalog noises that may be familiar to most of us on a daily basis. The specialty is that you know who produces that noise without going out to verify. All are man-made, common place events. These noises get embedded in our memory – you can re-call them without effort or get into appropriate action quickly.

Read the listing given below, as applicable to me. Which of these sounds you are not used to? Which is most annoying? Which is most welcome? Can you recognize such sounds automatically amidst other engagements and rush to respond, if necessary?  Isn’t it fun to deliberate on noises we take for granted?

1. Noise of the motor cycle of the milk supplier in the early morning around five am while he stops at my gate to deposit milk sachets in the cloth bag tied to the gate
2. The thud of Deccan Chronicle newspaper hitting the front closed doors as the paper boy throws it every morning
3. The blow of the whistle by the Garbage Collector as he approaches my house to collect kitchen waste
4. “Moggu Moggu” shouting of the street vendor on his moped while selling Rangoli powder.
5. The cart vendor yelling “Mouse” as he sells plantains
6. The frisky sound of sweeping broom as the servant sweeps in the garden.
7. Sound of beating wet clothes --washing by servant maid in veranda  
8. Sound of gate crackling when postman deposits letters; or others trying entry into my house for any reason.
9. The whirring sound of hand held printer when electricity guy prints out the bill
10. The churning sound made by Mosquito fogging machine as it crosses my house.

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