Saturday, February 24, 2018



Daily I witness a rain of leaves

dried leaves of a Margosa tree and one tall Ashoka tree

one in my house and the other in neighbor's  garden

​on the other side of the compound wall​

The sound of leaves getting crushed under my feet

as I climb up the steps to reach the terrace

is music of a different kind

Daily sweeping does get them displaced
​ and collected​

 a huge pit made just for this purpose

If you stand on that collected heap, nay mound,
you feel as if
you are standing in the beech
and water is sweeping the sand away from under your feet

How long will this merriment last

For a couple of months, at best?
Everything is ephemeral
like the leaves that dry and die
giving way
​to ​
​ -
​other form of life​


Dr P Vyasamoorthy
040-27846631 / 09490804278

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