Sunday, June 11, 2017

At-the-Gate advertisements: So called “No Parking” sign boards

At-the-Gate advertisements: So called “No Parking” sign boards

During my evening walk I stopped by a house near our colony park. What arrested my attention was the fact that this house in particular was strange. The compound wall entertained a large number of “No Parking” sign boards that are put up by vendors who want free advertisements in lieu of pleading on your behalf that public should not park their vehicles in front of their gates.  There were almost sixteen sign boards.

What could be the motive behind that resident allowing so many boards? Was he just tolerant? OR he does not care how his property is being abused? Or he has struck a deal with vendors to pay him a small fee every month? Or he is very particular in telling the world that he would not, at any cost, tolerate parking in front of his gate? I feel the reason could be a mixture of any of these.

All such sign boards have a few things in common. All of them refer to some service or product or facility available in the neighbourhood – location specific. All of them face competition – there are more than one to compete. Normally I find schools, Data / Internet / Telecom companies, Fashion / hairdressers, dentists, supermarkets, eateries etc.

There are some owners / residents who are peeved at this imposition. Some wait and watch and shoe away guys who are tying them. Some cleverly remove (cut out) the advert part and keep only “No Parking” part.  Some place many boards one over the other to irritate the mischievous vendor.
Some simply tear and throw them away. Some display “Beware of Dog” board even when they don’t have any dogs.

Strangely the Bangalore Municipal Corporation thought that they are losing a lot of revenue through this insidious way of avoiding advertisement fee payable to the municipality. Some years ago they roamed around, colony after colony, identifying offenders to take them to task. They did not succeed I understand.

What is your take on this issue? Is this an issue at all -- it is just making mountain out of a mole hill? Years ago, I read a very humorous story (article) on this topic, by a lady journalist. I am unable to retrieve it. Can anyone help?


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