Sunday, December 25, 2016

Newspapers that I get but don't read!!

We get four dailies at home
  1. The Hindu
  2. Deccan Chronicle
  3. Hans India
  4. Times of India
First one, The Hindu, being a 'madarasi' has been with me right from my childhood.
Second one was added after I moved to Hyderabad and 'settled' after marriage in 1970
I subscribed to the third after persistent cajoling by a journalist working for that daily - he used to oblige me by publishing whatever I sent. 

Fourth one  - TOI - has its own story. My backside neighbour, during the past two years has become  a sort of 'Vikramaditya', living in Hyderabad, Mattapalli and Bengaluru alternately. Not wanting to discontinue his annual subscription, he had asked the newspaper boy to deliver TOI to my house. Whenever he is Hyderabad he will 'borrow'  TOI if he finds time to read. Glancing at newspaper was a luxury in terms of time as my neighbour and his family are travelling on a spiritual path.

For the past three days I am getting a fifth newspaper - Telangana Today. First I thought that the newspaper boy was putting it by mistake. Today I discovered that it is a new daily published from Banjara Hills. Contents and coverage are good. It is hardly a fortnight old. I may be getting promotional free copies. Today's edition contains 16+4+4 pages (Main paper + tabloid + Sundayscape). 

What attracted my attention is that the website uses .news Top Level Domain, a registration which is very rare in India. (

Though I get 4 or 5 newspapers I am very poor in reading them. No time nor deep interest, I should say. I wonder how I escape exposing my ignorance of current affairs so often. Only my first daughter lives with me. She travels a lot. Only raddi wala benefits. As I have hinted earlier, I like the newspaper inserts, especially on Sundays, more than newspapers themselves. They have some value!! Like justice Rangarajan said recently, no expenditure is useless - it helps someone somewhere!


Dr P Vyasamoorthy
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