Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Digital Payments Training Videos from Niti Ayog

This Video based Awareness creation modules are so very, so very useful I am "unashamed" to lift and keep the entire set of videos here for the benefit of my readers. The original is from Niti Ayog Website of GOI on digital payments section. Please see and spread the word. I consider this post to be the most valuable among all my posts in this blog. 

Please visit niti ayog site for further developments. They have a lot to offer in other areas also.

Digital Payments Training Film 01 :

Digital Payments Training Film 02 :

Card Se Bhuktan :

Aadhaar Card Bana Bank :

Digital Payment by Cards :

Digital Payment by Cards2 :

Digital USSD :

Jinke Pass Mobile Nahi :

Latest Techonolgy :

Mobile Banking :

Banking Correspondents :

Common Mechanism :

CSC Panchayat :


Mobile Banking :

Adhar Adharit :

Secure Banking :

na Card na Cash :

Digital payment is it possible :

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