Thursday, September 22, 2016

National Seminar by Hyderabad Federation of Elders - Notes

Following is a gist of the seminar that was attended by a number of people known to sss-global like Mital, PVM, Sobha, Linga Reddy, Mateen, Md Raza, Puli Shyam et al. Supplementing what is given below, I can add that the souvenir contains articles by Dr Balambal, Prof PV Ramamurti, PVM, Sobha, CSR, Singa raja, Mateen Alakananda Banerji, RNM, DR Chelikani Rao etc
You may request a copy from Sri GA Rahim 9948496848 till copies last.

National Seminar by Hyderabad Federation of Elders

There was a one day seminar on the theme "Role of Elders in building a better nation and Society since ancient times" on 18th September 2016 in Ravindra Bharati Hyderabad. It was well attended with the hall overcrowded right from the start.

Sri GA Rahim Retired IG of Police, whose brain child this seminar is, welcomed the gathering. He explained how enthusing the youth of the country to cooperate with senior citizens by respecting them, taking elders' advice in improving our society is important need of the day.  Dr P Indira Devi of Rayalaseema University, Kurnool released a souvenir on this occasion. Sri RN Mital traced the history of senior citizens movement in the country and described several unresolved issues we have including lack of financial, social and health security.

Dr Vyasamoorthy spoke on the need to tap into CSR funding to implement projects relating to the elderly, without depending on government grants that are scanty, unreliable, delayed, involving bribing etc. Prof Kaderu Veera Reddy, Former VC of Satavahana University, Karimnagar remained stuck to the theme of the seminar and gave tips to students, teachers and the public, listing activities to promote the welfare of the older persons.

Smt Subbalakshmi spoke on the role of ancient Rishis mentioning dozens of them and hinting on their contributions. Sri Bhoma Reddy, Editor of Voice of Senior Citizens, was all praise for the commitment and energy of Sri GA Rahim and how he has spent sleepless nights planning every minute detail for making this meeting a success. Others in the Queue for delivering talks included: Sri Linga Reddy bahadur, Dr Mrs Sobha Gurajada Perindevi, Mr Sattar Khan, Mr Mohammad Raza.

Several people, including couples who enjoyed long years (more than 50 years of married life), and many contributors to the success of the event including speakers were honored. The participants  were from different walks of life like senior citizens, academics, writers / journalists and youth.

There was a very interesting (but out of focus of the main theme) on The Nizam, a great personality, full of details which you will get to know only through serious research. 

The souvenir contains 52 useful articles, majority on the theme. Dispersed with several advertisements indicating strong support for organizers, the souvenir is veritable collection of sensitive issues of senior citizens. Articles are in English, Telugu and one in Hindi also. I saw two poems by school kids! 

The seminar is the third annual edition. I wish it reaches at least a decennial in years to come.

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