Sunday, September 4, 2016

Fwd: Height of ADs covering entire screen

See this page from
​New Indian Express​
Seven to eight ADs obliterate almost all website except for title.
Your chances of clicking an advt is more than reading anything at all.
I have purposely given image in full size.
Close 8 ADs to read quarter of the screen? ridiculous, indeed.

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  1. Indian media is quite mischievous, working like a business house

    Indian media, be it print media or electronic media, all are working with ulterior motive and always claimed a nationalist. In India yellow journalism is quite rampant Indians especially "Intelligentsia" (I believe I'm one) believe in media like holy Bhagwat Gita or Holy Quran, but luckily, illiterate people have their seventh sense going well and they understands the sinister design of media-political party-industrialist nexus and there for they always take wise decision and votes accordingly. In my efforts to fight the mighty government on the horrible treatment meated out -refusing on imaginary prception - I had visited Late Russi Karanjia, the editor of Blitz tabloid, he advised me to meet the famous lawyer... (I forget the name, some one can recal) he always fought Blitz cases. Also he advised me about yellow journalism. He predicted that in 21st century yellow journalism will be rampant and it may lead India in to chaos and:
    We are witnessing just that!?

    Electronic media is quite authoritative and they want to play Judge,Jury and prosecutor at once. They have also developed one more quality and that is to show documents related to scam perpetrated by politician.This is not acceptable to all of us, because how can we verify authenticity of those document, neither we nor they have any authority to authenticate that document?. Media people term this as investigative journalism, which was started by Indian Express editor Arun Shourie, who investigated Boforse guns deal and had accused Late prime minister shri Rajiv Gandhi that he bought this inferior guns to benefit which include many Indian and foreign personalities. But during Kargil war Bofors guns did a marvelous job and made Indian army victorious. Defense experts world over applauded performance and this was a big slap on Indian media.

    I still believe that it was this expose which is responsible for death of Rajiv Gandhi. Along with Arun Shourie (Not the LINTON'S JUSTICE" Arun Shourie) there were three persons who colluded with Shourie in this expose, namely Ram Jethmalani, S. Gurumurthy and Shourie’s colleague Chitra Subramanian. Both Arun Shourie and Jethmalani got a ministry in BJP led NDA govt. Shourie always talk about probity, but were is it? This is biggest example of yellow journalism prevailing in India.

    When Lal Krishna Advani started Babri mosque agitation, almost all journalists tried to explain that this is a master stroke by Advani and now he can be the next PM of India, thus they never fought Babri agitation tooth and nail. Eventually when Babri mosque was demolished, BJP started gaining ground and they came to power in 1998. And now the 31% Hero isour President! Even today they are doing over time to defame Congress and they are literally doing overture to Narendra Modi for 2019 general polls too. Almost all media’s website has Narendra Modi as “mostly searched” person. Gandhian Anna Hazare came up with his unconstitutional demand of his version of Lokpal, which is not right because to ask a elected govt to enact a law at the gun point of a fast unto death, but media supported Hazare wholeheartedly due to that parliamentary work was hampered.

    Countless are such incidents in which media played a villain. Ex judge of supreme court and now chairman of press council of India shri Markandey Katju has time and again lambasted Indian media for their misdeeds.

    World’s biggest and vibrant democracy deserves better media then this. Do you not agree?