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Extended bio-data of Dr P Vyasamoorthy July 2016

Extended Bio-data of Dr P Vyasamoorthy
(As of July 2016)

Dr Padmanabha Vyasamoorthy, a septuagenarian from Hyderabad, is a PhD in Library Science. During his professional career he set up and ran libraries and Information centers for academic, research, and industrial organizations such as the Technical Teachers’ Training Institute, Madras, Informatics India, Bangalore,  and Indian Detonators Ltd, Satyam Computers, and ICICI Knowledge Park, Hyderabad. 

Since retirement in 1999, Dr. Vyasamoorthy has been involved with Aging and Aged Care issues, and contributed extensively to the literature of social gerontology. He started and moderates a Yahoo group for senior citizens, SSS Global, that was ranked First among 1300 such groups in 2014. Dr. Vyasamoorthy maintains multiple blogs, moderates many discussion groups, and edits two online dailies. He has written six e-books and numerous articles and papers.

Awards and Recognitions:

·        AP State Government  Award in 2007
·        Silver Innings-iCONGO Karmaveer Chakra 2011 for Exceptional Work for Senior Citizens
·        KLN Award 2013

Dr. Vyasamoorthy currently serves as:

·        Joint Secretary, All India Senior Citizens Confederation
·        Vice President, Senior Citizens Forum, Secunderabad.
·        Member of the Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI), Hyderabad Deccan chapter,
·        University of the Third Age (U3A India) (Dy Secretary General)
·        Volunteer at Aasara, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation’s outreach effort to senior citizens.
·        President: Gruhalakshmi Colony Welfare Association, Secunderabad
·        Founder Member: LOLA7817SCA
 Dr. Vyasamoorthy has in the past served as:

·        Joint Secretary, Confederation of Cantonment Resident Welfare Associations in Secunderabad (CCRWAS) 
·        Vice President, Federation of Andhra Pradesh Senior Citizens Organizations,
·        President, Society for Serving Seniors, Secunderabad;
·        President, Association of Senior Citizens, Hyderabad;
·        Joint Secretary, Andhra Pradesh Senior Citizens Confederation

Websites set up and maintained by him:

Blogs maintained by him

Discussion Groups
(started and moderated by him)

Sss-global  (Yahoo)
Ex-IDL (Google)
Bhavana-Lucknow (Google)
Aisccon-India (Google)
Ccrwas (Google)
Lola7817sca (Google)

Online Dailies published:
(published since 2014 but archives for  past couple of months only)

Newsletters edited and published by him

AOSC-H Newsletter Both print version and online version
Abhilash Quarterly Both Print Version and online version
(For online version go to corresponding website)

E-books authored by him

1.      Unsolicited Advice to Enigmatic Elders: Too many Questions, Too few Answers.
A5. 120 pages. May 2010. Rs 200.00 for paper print version Order at:
Ebook Version free from Author.
2.      29 Questions that our MPs asked about Senior Citizens and the Answers they got.(During 2009-2010) 60 pages. 2010. Available free at:
3.      Let Us Laugh At Ourselves: A Collection of Jokes on Frailties of Old Age. A5. 90 pages. Ebook Available for free download at:
4.      A Directory of NGOs and VOs in Andhra Pradesh working in the area of the Aged and Elderly Persons. A4. June 2010 108 pages. Ebook available for free at:
5.      Directories similar to item 4 for Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu are available with Author prepared in same year.
6.      Pebbles on the Shore. A Collection of Short Stories by VK Narasimhan. A5. 58 pages. Thirteen Stories. June 2011. (Compiled in ebook - pdf format by Vyasamoorthy).

7.      AISCCON Guide for Elder Care Homes. Co-authored with Prof V Ramamurti. Published AISCCON. 2012. 90 pages. Soft Copy version also available with Author.

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