Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bhavana NCR, Lucknow conducts Training program with a difference

Bhavana, Lucknow conducts training program with a difference

Bhavana, a well established Senior Citizens Association in Lucknow, utilizes the expertise of its members in a unique way. Qualified and experienced but retiree members of Bhavana conducted a Two and half day training program for engineers of GAIL. The subject was structural repairs and waterproofing from 18th to 20th July 2016. Twenty four professionals were trained. 
We have heard of individual senior citizen coaching youngsters, teaching in schools or working as teaching staff after retirement. Or about training programs for senior citizens organized by others. But the present one is an effort by a team of seniors offering training course under the banner of an SCA.  It is a question of seniors keeping their faculties intact, ageing gracefully and productively.

Sri AK Sharma of Bhavana has this to say:

May it be remembered that we, members of Bhavana, are all rich in terms of at least 35-40 years of professional experience besides experience of life time. During our active life, we hardly had time or intentions to share with others. Now at this 3rd age, when we are getting pension, we should utilise our time for the benefit of society as per our capability.

Let us use BHAVANA as a platform/ window to showcase our skill and experience, for the beneficial use of the society. It would also keep us gainfully engaged and keep our self healthy.

Isn’t this great and novel? Join me in congratulating these young-at-heart-seniors. Take a look at the teachers and the taught.

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