Monday, July 1, 2013

Photo Contest on Elderly workmen by The Hindu

The Hindu has announced a photo contest for depicting the elderly at work.
Read all about it, contribute your original photos or votes for photos already submitted.
I am not surprised to see that already (within a day) some 50 photos are here.
Photos depict the hard life of many downtrodden old people who have to work for keeping hunger away. Pick up your camera, roll up your sleeves,  shoot and submit. Our streets have plenty to offer as genuine heart moving subjects.

  URL to register yourself / submit photo entries is:

If you are not visiting the site for further action there is no point in giving details here!!

From my friends I want to see unusual working conditions or unusual tasks being performed - generaly not expected of old people.

All the BEST. Win a prize. Meanwhile you can share your experiences while shooting here by way of comments or posts.


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