Tuesday, July 2, 2013

China passes law forcing kids to visit elderly parents

China has a law to prevent elder abuse. Our MWPSCA is weak and needs revision.Chinese law
is more of a reminder about traditional caring of the elderly, some say. Even if this is the situation, 
it is still better as common man would think twice before going against the law. To that extent EA can be minimized.
Even in India MWPSCA is just an enabling provision. Improper and inadequate implementation, 
lack of awareness even among the police and regulators, are serious issues.

Dr P Vyasamoorthy

China passes law forcing kids to visit elderly parents

China is moving a step further by perpetuating their citizens to take care of their elderly parents.

China is adding a new revision to the Law on Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly People, which was passed in December.

It enforces frequent visits to the elderly and forbids any form of domestic violence, such as insulting or discriminatory language, physical torture and abandonment.

The revision has triggered heated debates as it does not specify appropriate number of visits and neither has it specified any punishment on deferring from the law.

According to the Global Times, China had 185 million people at or above age of 60 by the end of 2011. Cases of abuse against elderly have increased manifold in past few years.

This law stipulates that support to aged parents does not change with their marital status. Although, experts believe the current revision looks more like a reminder of traditional values rather than compulsory law.

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