Saturday, June 17, 2017

Vyasa's Musings - Random Thoughts rendered into couplets

Vyasa's Musings
Random thoughts rendered into couplets
Why are our fears very acute during the night
but they appear, during the day, so light?
Old dhoti, at your butt, will tear
if you bend without sufficient care
If you push it in, after peeing, without care
Remember, gentlemen: light colored pants are a scare!
Prompted by Suren, I learnt a lot about crop dusting
And the art of farting in public - not all that I read was disgusting.
"Sleep Well" is reliable brand of Agarbatti
As it contains citronella -- a powerful "kosu-viratti"
In the Voter Application form from a third gender, is it true
That Father is substituted by the applicant's 'Guru'?
"Supra Eco Homes" claim that even elevators work on solar power
As if there would be sunshine all through 365 days of the year
Raw Mango, Ridge gourd or bottle gourd peels
Are good for making chutney, don't you feel?
Croma electric kettle has the worst deceitful design
You can't clean it or close the lid, once open, again.
Before getting angry, will it not be nice
If you can realise it is a regrettable vice?

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