Sunday, September 4, 2016

For just Rupee One, hope to die during train Accident and pass on Rs 10 Lakhs to kith & kin

Accident Insurance for train travel through IRCTC

IRCTC is acting as an agent for Death / Accident Insurance for Train Travel.
Just opt to pay Rs one per traveller while booking online tickets.  Valid for the journey duration.
including entraining and detraining.

Insurance benefits are tabled below:

Applicable to all passengers under one PNR. Tickets must be booked as e-ticket. You must have opted for travel accident insurance. Premium of Rs one (92 paise actually) is applicable for all classes of travel.Persons in hazardous professions (like firefighters sportsmen) including Pop musicians are excluded. Untoward incidents (Dacoity, terrorist attacks etc) are included. see what death means:

So even if you die within one year of accident, but directly caused by accident you can stake a claim. I mean your nominees can get the money. Do you think they they (?) will finish you for getting the claim amount who knows - kith & king + hospital staff  + insurance staff may work together to benefit from your death. Be useful Die in train accident after duly insuring yourself just for Rs 1/-


For complete details see:

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