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Book Review: LinkAge - October 2010 Issue - Special edition on Productive Ageing.

Book Review: LinkAge – October Issue. Special edition on Productive Ageing.


This October 2010 issue of LINKAGE – Monthly magazine of Senior Citizens Bureau, Chennai - is a special issue titled:  "Productive Ageing".  It is a 64 pages book containing about 40 articles, both in Tamil and English, mostly sourced from the Internet, Hindu, Dinamalar etc. Some half a dozen articles are exclusively written by members of Bureau and their friends. As usual there is heavy slant towards health and fitness: there are articles on Diabetes, Thyroid Blood Pressure, Physical Fitness, common cold, Backache, cancer etc. Articles relating to senior citizens welfare like Old Age Pensions, National Commission for Senior Citizens, World Elders Day, Suggestions on improving various government concessions / schemes for seniors etc. are also found. There are quite a few poems in Tamil too.   If you are serious here is a list of English language articles:



No to negative thoughts

Happy and healthy living

Senior citizens welfare scheme

Ageing beautifully & gracefully

Ten benefits of lemon water for health

"every day in every way i am getting better and better"

Govt. Plans panel for elderly

Dealing with depression in seniors

'Kalaivani' **

How to avoid shaky hand writing

Are senior citizens an asset or liability?

DTC and senior citizens


Advance of science and technology

Activities report by the secretary general

Senior members - 85 years of age


Asterisked story, Kalaivani, is an interesting interview of a book stores girl by a reporter for Washington Post. The journalist was so impressed with the intelligence, duty consciousness and family responsibility of this poor but deserving girl that he volunteered to bear all the expenses of her five poor sisters' education. Very moving story indeed – however, as it is nearly 2 years ago this interview was taken, it would be worthwhile to know how the girl and her family are fairing now. Some SCB member can find out and inform all of us.


If you try to find out what "productive ageing" is all about, you will not find a single article in this book. It is only in the title and nowhere else. Anyone ordering the book by reading the title alone will be disappointed. Some other title, justifying the contents, should have been given.


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