Friday, June 22, 2018

Yoga Day in Shiridi Saibaba Temple Complex

Yoga Day in Shiridi Saibaba Temple Complex
(21st June 2018)

I went for an International Yoga Day Celebration event.

The invitation said: 5:30 pm - Lighting of Lamp, Puja, Yoga demonstration followed by refreshments. So I budgeted for two hours after which I planned to visit Monday Market, buy vegetables and go home. But the program started one hour late, no sight of dignitary (MLA Sayanna Garu, known for ditching appointments in the last moment) and I left by 7:30 pm, without waiting for chief guest to come or for refreshments.

As I was not sure of the exact location of the venue, I had walked up to the Saibaba Temple, Shantideep colony near my residence in Secunderabad, some 20 minutes earlier. That early arrival proved to be very beneficial in a way. Sri Suresh, Trustee, took me around the four storied temple complex, explaining everything.

The temple complex has Shiridi Saibaba Mandir in ground floor. Second floor houses a medical / health center with ortho-surgeon physiotherapist, plus a large hall for various religious functions given free most of the time; third floor accommodates the living spirit behind the venture Sri Suresh and his wife; The life history of Shiridi Saibaba is depicted in the form of an exhibition, the entire exhibition was set up (built) as a true miracle by the great Baba in less than a month - fourth floor  displays an array of 14 gods and goddesses – all assembled in one place. This place is very highly unique in several ways, attracts lots of visitors. Temple accepts donation only for Annadhanam and nothing else! It is a famous landmark in the neighborhood.

The day’s program consisted of a brief Puja for Shiridi Saibaba followed by a demonstration of yoga by a group of some 25 ladies and gentlemen. I am very much impressed by their dedication, precision and flexibility of body and mind they had achieved at the able hands of Yoga Master Sri Kedarnath. Several participants were above middle age and  some were even elderly. I took part in the laughter session.

Though I left midway during the program, I enjoyed being part of the Yoga day in every way, which started with watching Yoga performed by none other than Prime Minister Modi  ji on the TV channels.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Info-Snippets about Isha Ashram, near Coimbatore

Info-Snippets about Isha Ashram, near Coimbatore

  1. No Autos or motor bikes or Scooters (No vehicle making noise) is allowed inside the Ashram. Electric mopeds are allowed for the same reason

  1. Almost everyone wears a badge / tag / identity while moving around

  1. Walking and talking over mobile is not allowed. You may stay put in some corner and carry on low-voice conversation on cell phone.

  1. Many Residents practice silence for 3 to 6 days and they wear “SILENCE” badges. You shouldn’t disturb them by trying to talk to them. They allow no inputs to mind – not just noise or sound.

  1. As Ashram is in forest area you may be lucky (?) to see peacocks, wild boar, snakes, elephants, leopards and a host of unknown birds, insects etc

  1. Everyone limits himself to say what he knows, within his area of work. They won’t talk of things not concerned with him.

  1. The home school in the Ashram is cordoned off with high security; children have special entrance to dining hall from school.

  1. Visitors, volunteers, residents, employees, contract labour, tourists, yoga practioners, trainers, teachers, administrators, security etc are all part of a big community

  1. Since the Adhiyogi statue installation, the place is swarming with tourists. Lots of stalls and eateries have come up serving varying needs.

  1. All types of paid / unpaid accommodation are available.

  1. The Linga Bhairavi Temple is a beehive of activity. Only priestesses are allowed to perform Puja.

  1. Dhyana Linga is a place for simply sitting in total silence. Once you get in, you stay till you hear bell.

  1. There is restaurant inside the campus where coffee / tea are not served.

  1. Of course, no smoking, liquor or non-veg is allowed inside.

  1. You may see velliangiri mountain range and enjoy the serene surroundings.

  1. Isha is ever expanding – every time you go there, you can observe lot of changes, new buildings, new constructions or roads.

  1. Everyone is Anna or Akka here – way of showing respect and politeness.