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AISCCON Conference - Coverage in Vrindavan Today

Haryana CM Hooda gives 10 lakh donation to AISCCON

by JAGAT on OCTOBER 25, 2010

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Haryana CM Bhupender Singh Hooda concluded his appearance at the AISCCON conference with a surprise announcement of a large personal donation of 10 lakhs to the confederation to help it develop its program.

Hooda said, furthermore, that the Haryana government has undertaken numerous different programs for the benefit of the elderly, through which they can both get self respect and also make a living. "All Indians should be ready to give up their lives for their mothers and the motherland."

He said that the elderly might be physically weak, but their experience and blessings are powerful. We are able to face life's greatest difficulties by making use of their experience. "Those who don't respect the dignity of the elderly can never make progress," he said. "Our forefathers suffered all through their lives and even went to prison so that the light of freedom could shine for us. We must show respect for their heroism."

The local MLA Pradeep Mathur said that old age is that last stage of life, when people are in fact most needed by their families. But due to current conditions they are being left on their own. "The time has come when under the leadership of this institution the elderly throughout the country get organized and become strong so that they can get the respect they deserve."

Confederation director R.N. Mittal said that the life of the elderly is the result of a long struggle, which results in an experience by which society can take direction.

Various lifetime achievement awards and so on were given out. In particular, Vrindavan painter Kanhai Chitrakar and industrialist Suresh Nanda were singled out for awards.

The Congress is the party of economic development

Afterward in a press conference, Hooda said that the Congress is the party of development, whereas the opposition parties are mired in the politics of divisiveness. "They have not been able to digest the success of the Commonwealth Games," he said, "The success of the Games has given the world a new image of India. But the opposition parties are frustrated by this and so have focused exclusively on the loss of hundreds of crores to corruption."

"But people have become fed up with the politics based on religious divisions. What they now want is economic progress. Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and other states under Congress governments are making great strides economically. The Bihar elections stand to be shock everyone."

Offering his respectful obeisances to the holy land of Vrindavan, he said that Lord Krishna had his pastimes here. Coming here had given him a feeling of otherworldly joy. Earlier in the day, he had gone for darshan of Banke Bihari where temple sevaits Amit and Jugal Goswami engaged him in puja of the Lord. Then he had visited Kanhai Chitrakar's galleryof devotional art on Chatikara Road, where he admired his great talent.

The society's elderly show the way: Guru Sharanananda

Also speaking at the 10th annual AISCCON convention held at Akshaya Patra, on Saturday, Karshni Gurusharanananda Maharaj said that the elderly are our society's capital. "The young must learn the way to live from society's seniors. By following the path that they teach, children will go on to have a bright future. The elderly are not helpless, but have their own strengths. Though their experience and blessings, they educate and refine the young."

He said that those who serve and respect their elders are never unhappy in their lives. We should understand that our elders are a priceless treasure and serve them. This is the teaching of Indian culture.


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