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Book Review - Ananta Vinayaka - The Elternal God

Book Review: Ananta Vinayaka

Book Review: Ananta Vinayaka: The Eternal God. Original in Telugu authored by Prof V Balamohandas and English version translated by Sri S Vinaya Bhushan Rao.
Published by Vasantha Mohana Foundation, Vishakapatnam. (Ph 0891-2551 1282) 2011. Pages 226 + ten colour plates. Price: Rs 200/-

This book on Lord Vinayaka is a veritable encyclopedia offering a wide variety of information on the God Ganesha. It has one less than sixty chapters. You can find stories about the origin of “elephant god”, his relationship with personages like: Agastiya, Kubera, Talaasura, Parasurama, Vibheeshna, Vyasa, Jambavanta, Avvaiyaar etc. Info on prominent temples of Ganesha in India and abroad are furnished. Methodology of conducting Pujas, Vratams, Prayers are given. The book is an indispensable source for several Naamavalis, stotras and poems. All stories connected with Vinayaka – including the miracle of Ganesha Idols drinking milk in 1995 – are described in detail. Ganesh festival as obtaining in Andhra Pradesh has been described vividly.

It is a book that will help us recover and retain our culture. Senior citizens will find a mine of info to share with their grand children. Ladies’ Bhajan groups will benefit immensely in learning and reciting shlokas and naamavalis. Every newspaper published something or the other on Vinayaka chaturthi . The first place they should look for is here.

Prof Balamohandas, being a management oriented academician, has a passion to lecture on leadership qualities of Vinayaka analyzing his physical features. No wonder he has given 200 plus talks on this topic alone. His entire family members are ardent devotees of Lord Ganesha.  The person who inspired the author to write this wonderful book is Sri YVSR Moorti. We should thank these Trimurthys: Author, Translator and the Inspiration for this literary treasure house on Eternal God – VINAYAKA. I am hopeful of the book becoming eternally useful in times to come.

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