Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Navarathri Kolu in Sarojini Narasimhan's house

Last year I wrote about Kolu in Justice Rangarajan's house being exhibited for several decades without a break. Another Tamilian household that upholds this tradition, is Mr VK Narasimhan's daughter in Wahab Nagar, Secunderabad. They have split kolu display in three sections making best use of space available in their hall. It is a mixture of traditional toys and modern ones. Artfully decorated with series lighting, it is a joy to observe not for just children  but for adults too. 

I got a link to a video imitating que sera sera song with changes in wording (lyric) to depict a typical Tamilian Kolu. You may watch it too:

Here are some snaps of  this year's Kolu in their house.

Let me congratulate them for their enthusiasm in uplholding our traditions.

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  1. Nice arrangements of toys and a nice song of Dussera. It is called " BOMMALA KOLUVU", in Telugu Language in Andhra Pradesh.