Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Elders Helpline in Bengaluru goes 24/7

Elders Helpline in Bengaluru goes 24/7
Elders Helpline 1090, a joint project of Bengaluru City Police and Nightingales Medical Trust has completed 15 years of dedicated service to the elderly in Bangalore city.
From 26th April 2017, Elders Helpline service becomes operational on 24 hours basis   

Bangalore has a current estimate of over 10 Lakh senior citizens. Of these, about 3 lakh elders face some form of physical, emotional and/or financial abuse; elders are also becoming easy targets for crimes. Getting reliable help in such instances, especially in the night, is a challenge to most elders. Elders Helpline working 24/7 will give vulnerable elders added assurance and benefit a larger number.

Being the first project of this kind in the country, the Elders Helpline 1090, has so far received over 1.6 lakh calls in the past 15 years.  8662 complaints of serious nature were registered with over 52% of the complaints being successfully resolved by counselors and social workers with the support of police and lawyers. The nature of the complaints is mainly ill treatment by family members, financial exploitation, property disputes and cheating by service providers. All the services of the Helpline are free.

The 24/7 service of Elders Helpline was launched on 26th April by the Sri. Praveen Sood, IPS at the auditorium in Police Commissioner’s  office, Infantry Road, Bangalore-560001- on the occasion of the 15th Anniversary of Elders Helpline

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