Monday, March 6, 2017

Lifelong Learner: An inspirational example

Lifelong Learner: An inspirational example

“After nearly seven decades I was in a class room as a formal student” said Mr RN Mital, about his participation in a one day training course on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Funding  organized by Navjeevan Center for Development in Hyderabad in March 2017. It was a fee based event and Mital wanted to learn about the intricacies of securing CSR funds for projects concerning senior citizens. He sat through the course for 8 hours, interacted with a number of NGO participants and came back richly rewarded. Not that he is a novice in the field. Having been associated with the problems of the elderly in India for the past 15 years, he is fit enough to talk on the topic with authority. In case you do not know, he maintains a blog of his own for the spreading the cause of Corporate Social Responsibility.

In fact he has been invited as a key note speaker in many events organized by leading associations and apex bodies. He was nothing less than the President of All India Senior Citizens Confederation for two terms. He was a member of National Council of Senior Citizens and a member of a committee on elders' welfare on NHRC. He, by himself, has conducted several meetings, conclaves, seminars etc on the subject of CSR. And senior officers in MOSJE, MOCA etc know him. But then what prompted him to take up a formal paid training program? His zeal and passion to know more and more and the eagerness to equip himself fully and to establish himself as an authority on a topic close to his heart.

I salute the Lifelong Learner in him. It is not easy to spend a whole day as a pupil in a classroom, keeping in mind that he is 90 plus. Hats off to RNM.

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