Sunday, February 5, 2017

Word Loops by Vyasamoorthy

Word Loops by Vyasamoorthy

Given below is a word loop coined by me. Each word is conceptually related to the next. Starting word and ending word are the same. hence looping.
Usually such a  loop has odd number of words, say 5 or 7; longer the merrier.
Sometimes a phrase instead of a single word may be used. If there is interest, I can share more word loops of mine starting with bore / May / flowers / mouse / fan / printer etc

Can you construct similar word loops beginning with any word of your choice?

      foul play

Here are some more: Read in rows: Left to Right

Bore  Dullard  Witty  Jester  King Ring  Well Bore    
May Summer  heat  cold  winter  winds passing No may  
Jail convict Thief Politician minister bishop Chess Game foulplay jail
flowers Scent Trail murder detective Intelligent Guru Puja flowers  
mouse PC Chidambaram Tax Evasion Smart Clever tricksters Pied Piper Mouse
Fan Hero Cycle Life Living breathing oxygen Air ciruclation Air
Printer Laser treatment disease surgeon scissors taylor design paper printer
Frame photo pickpocket police detective magnifying glass monocle specs frame  
Mobile smart dress western import duty nurse paitient immobile Mobile
Fridge ice cube prism lens light breakfast food fridge  
book reader professor PhD Title Book        
Basket flower smell stench waste bin basket      

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