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Gated retirement communities - Asiana - Jaipur - Caution

Copy of a message from Sri Mohan Siroya to sss-global. Highlights the lapses on the part of developers of a gated community - Asiana Housing in Jaipur. Cites how purchasers are taken for a ride by including one-sided clauses in 'small print' - T&C . This is a caution message to seniors to think twice and act with diligence before signing the contract or making payments. Best approach will be get feedback from existing customers who have couple of years' experience in other earlier ventures of the developer.

I refer to the item of shri RRV
with the above caption published in digest # 15592.

I am not commenting for that specific project which has been mentioned and described. BUT AS A SENIOR PERSON WHO HAS purchased  an Apartment with similar promises for the seniors at "Senior Citizen's Resort Jaipur by Asiana Housing" , my experience has been dismal and a person having trapped in a situation which is embroiled totally in favour of the builder = developer ,
Whatever BIG promises were
made in the 'Sell CATALOGUE" THEY HAVE NOT FULFILLED .FOR THAT I HAD TO GO TO CONSUMER FORUM for various deficiencies in service . It may get decided as and when it comes up for hearing . But that will be not an end. It may escalate till supreme court and by that time the SENIORS' Twilight years will be over. 

But the biggest mistake we purchasers did was to sign an Agreement where a few clauses make us their "Bonded Slaves" and the builder is abusing the seniors by exploiting whatever way is possible . I am a payer/Consumer, but I have not right to choose my own SERVICE PROIDER. Under agreement , we have to continue to pay as Monthly maintenance to an associate co. of the developer. The Service provider, although is bound to provide us audited accounts, they refuse to give. They are levying the monthly charges as per their own will . When I had purchased the Apartment, the MMC was a mere Rs. 1300 /- p m  and the developer had promised to keep the same. But within 3 years it has  gone to Rs. 3000 p.m. The Service Provider refuses to listen or give any justification.  The services and amenities have gone abysmal The owner residents HAVE NO SAY , WHATSOEVER , THEY ARE  CHARGING. IF ONE FAILS TO PAY OR DOES NOT PAY ON THE DUE date ,an compounded interest @ 2percent is levied .
Even if you do not stay and make use of the apartment or the common facilities, still the absentee has to pay the same as the actual occupants are paying , without using anything.
BUT THE MOST ASTOUNDING ABUSE OF SENIORS IS  "Developer Charged EIGHTEEN MONTHS Advance without interest @ Rs, 45 PSFT calling it as the "Management Advance". This is besides the monthly Maintenance charges as levied. without providing the bill to the Apartment Owners. AND NO "MANAGEMNT SERVICE " IS PROVIDED OR ACCOUNTED FOR .The Service Provider is Fudging the account and acting as a dictator since they know ,the apartment owners do not have any RIGHT OR CHOICE  to change them.

For all those who wish to buy any SENIOR CITIZEN Apartment based on what is offered on PAPER, Kindly be doubly sure legally as well as practically to see if your INTERSTS as the owner of the premises are fully  safeguarded or not. .Please do not buy the repentance for the Twilight Years by investing your HARD EARNED MONEY. Think how and from where you would pay ever increasing and arbitrary monthly charges when you will have no income .

Mohan Siroya


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