Sunday, January 24, 2010

Human bed-warming services offered by Holiday Inn

Oddities around the world are limitless – Enjoy the fun as it unfolds,
this time via bed spreads and innovative human bed warming service!

International hotel chain Holiday Inn is offering on a trial basis
"Human bed-warming service" at three of their hotels in Britain
effective January 2010. This is in connection with the launching of
3200 new Holiday Inns worldwide. Brits have been braving harsh cold
weather recently and this innovative service is supposed to be a
response to nature's unfriendly ways of treating Brits!

Some willing staff member of the hotel would wear a full length woolen
suit and slip into the bed sheets before the customer comes in and
leave when the guest arrives. Equipped with a thermometer the sleeping
staff can measure whether the room temperature is just right (20
degrees centigrade). Florence Eavis of the hotel, while agreeing that
the method of keeping bed warm was quirky, could not explain why the
bed could not be warmed with warm water bottles or electric blankets.

Reading through the Reuter's News Item raises a few doubts:

• In the case of a double bed, will there be two bed warmers?
• In such a case, will they match equally in their bed warming abilities?
• Do bed warmers get any special training?
• Is this a free lagniappe service or guests have to pay extra charges
for a pre-warmed bed?
• What is the gender of the bed warmer? Most guests assume it would a
woman but the news item cleverly keeps silent about it.

What next?

May be we will have many similar services to take care of guests
requiring help in getting sleep.
Providing boring books that will induce sleep within minutes of
reading could be thought of. A librarian specializing in Bibliotherapy
can be hired to select such books.

Playing bizarre and jarring music: this will make the guest get out of
the room. He will then find that outside is very cold and would get
back to the room that will be warm enough to get into the bed.
Everything is relative, isn't that so?


  1. Desi vision would be something different.. of opposite gender to take care of the requirement depending on the gender of the guest.....

    This is one more area where Terror Organisation can take note of and send their people for the job and make literal warming of not bed too ... but the entire inn..

  2. Tickles the funny bone.
    * The picture in the article shows two bed warmers, and the guest enjoying being cold.
    * Universally, bed warming abilities can never be the same.
    * It is a basic instinct and no special training needed.
    * Included in the 7* tariff for pre-warmed services. Extras charged.
    * Although the article is silent, the picture shows fair sex.
    * What next? Bargaining abilities?
    * Alternative may not attract customers.

  3. Will the services be available every time the guset goes out and comes back?