Monday, April 17, 2017

My Neighbour's religious UPS

My Neighbour's religious UPS

Right behind my house I have a neighbour who has an UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) that often goes under repair – battery low – and keeps sounding the warning bell. Unplugging will not help. Muffling the sound is not possible. The battery has to run out completely on its own to let the alarm die. The funny or irritating aspect  is that the alarm cannot be switched off without opening the UPS by a mechanic. I have had this experience and I know. I had one for my desktop giving similar trouble and I sold it off getting Rs 7 per kg, after I bought my laptop.

But there is one redeeming factor. The chiming of the alarm or alert bell sounds like a Puja bell or like chanting of OM by a Bhajan group. Very often I keep wondering if that family is more blessed than others in the neighbourhood as they possess a highly religious and orthodox UPS.

Incidentally can prestigious UPS designers wake up and stop this stupid behaviour? Or at least warn the buyer at the time of purchase?

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