Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Power of giving back and Active Aging by Armoogum Parsuramen

Power of giving back and Active Aging by Armoogum Parsuramen

I watched a video session on the fourth day of “Aging without Borders Virtual Summit”. The speaker was introduced by Moira of Pass it on Network. Armoogum Parsuramen from Mauritius, popularly known as Parsu, is the founder of four leading organizations: Global Rainbow Foundation taking care  of physically handicapped persons, University of Third Age in Mauritius, Senior Citizens  Solidarity Foundation and International Tamil Diaspora Association.

The University of Third Age Mauritius started three years ago runs 25 courses and enjoys a strength of 1000 students – as you may guess all are senior citizens. Senior Citizens Council is the apex body uniting some 760 Senior Citizens Associations. Mauritius, he calls is a rainbow country meaning it is a multi cultural society which enjoys unity in diversity. Senior should live in harmony with nature and other sections of the society, he says. Being ever grateful for God has given him his philosophy is: “Earn, Learn and Return”. Giving back to society is essence of his living.

Talking of International Tamil Diaspora, he described briefly about Thirukural written by Thiruvalluvar some 2000 years ago. The teachings enshrined in it are relevant even now. Translated already into 45 languages Thirukural enjoys global appreciation. He spoke of events coming up in May 2017 and in 2020 in India. In fact, I was drawn to his talk as I am a Tamilian myself.

He says building a network is hard work but if you are keen and committed to serve the society, help comes from all sides making your dream a reality. God-fearing Parsuramen believes in universal spirituality and claims that FAITH does bring about miracles. Presently he is engaged in removing computer phobia among the elderly – he has made hundreds get interested in skype, browsing, twitter and Facebook. Shortly they are planning memory training  programs with a view to mitigate problems due to Alzheimer’s disease.

I am proud to be a member of Asia Pacific Alliance for U3A where Parsu is also a member. Parsu’s talk demonstrates what one can achieve in life if he has determination. Perfect living example of active aging, indeed. 

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