Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What could be this?!?

Please see attached image.
Something looks like Tamil letter sa or cha
If you can enlarge and look at it 100% you will something very strange.

A large bunch / cluster of intertwined petty or pretty roots - terminal ends - of a tree; wet; full of dirt and grime. Want to know the source?
This was retrieved from our bathroom drain pipeline (3/4 inch) that was fully blocked / choked.

How did it get into the underground metal  pipe?
About twenty  feet away, outside the bathroom, in the garden we have a big mango tree. The under ground metal pipe got corroded, full of cracks and holes. Roots got entry to perennial water source; Restricted growth space forced them intertwine within metal pipe finally choking the water flow.

When we got the drain block repaired, this longish block came out! The skilled plumber extricated this just using long thin spring wire used for curtains. He did not break the floor which we feared might become necessary. He admitted that he has never seen such an unexpected blockage.

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