Monday, September 14, 2015

Restricting Road Access by Resident Welfare Association

Restricting Road Access by Resident Welfare Association


Resident Welfare Association in Vikrampuri Colony in Secunderabad is a law unto itself. They behave as if they are the only people to live and others should vanish.  Reasons for my angst are given below:

The colony has constructed several gates preventing free access to area outside or in the boundary of the colony. Most gates are kept closed. Even the gates connecting main roads (Wellington road on one side and Rajeev Rahadhari on the other side) are closed at night, preventing access to OXYGEN hospital on karkhana side, in case of emergencies.
  • 1.     There are many ill designed road bumps for no reason whatsoever in the road linking as mentioned above. There is no school warranting speed breakers. They are so badly designed and constructed that vehicles suffer break down and damage. Even pedestrians suffer injury while walking in the night.
  • 2.     Even manhole covers are in some places 18” above road level making it impossible to use it as a walk way.
  • 3.     Adding insult to injury the colony has recently done this: The road width near Rainbow hospital has been reduced to one third by walls on both sides to accommodate a gate in between. There is a height restricting barricade also near Rainbow Hospital. There is a notice saying it is a private road. Funny thing is that the local (Karkhana PS) police have blindly supported this abuse by displaying a board on their own. First of all, it is NOT a private road. Secunderabad Cantonment Board has not given any permission to convert Vikrampuri into a gated community. Lay out was not designed to be a gated community. When areas surrounding the colonies developed, this isolated colony gated itself preventing access via its roads to other parts in the neighborhood.  Colony residents want to enjoy all the comforts of a developed area but not ready to accommodate their passing through ‘their’ roads. To build height restricting barricade there must be a reason, say high tension wires, low head bridge etc. Here it is plain.
  • 4.     Such artificial gated communities have up in many other places also. Vikrampuri is the leading offender.

Such unlawful activities must be curbed. I request SCB / Police / NGOs and others to take necessary action: a) reduce height of road bumps b) remove height barricade c) Remove gates d) remove false warning that it is a private road.

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