Sunday, September 20, 2015

One hand is enough to slap but two are required to clap

One hand is enough to slap but two are required to clap

You slap a person with one hand and that almost always happens on the spur of the moment arising out of galloping anger. You bring both hands together to clap to appreciate someone or something nice.  You also bring your hands together in Namaskar position to show respect to someone. Actions connecting both hands are happening after some responsible thinking on your part.

Slapping a person leads to unwanted or unexpected complications. You may be slapped back. The recipient may hold a grudge and deal with you later in unimagined ways. You might feel guilty but not have the courage to apologize. You may be admonished by others and you may be outlawed.

Clapping in appreciation is a win-win situation. Both are happy and mutual friendship grows. Showing respect with Namaskar fold of hands improves relationship. It is easy. Plenty of opportunities turn up every day.

The title “One hand is enough to slap but two are required to clap” has deeper connotations. Not just applicable to the use of hands. In any situation where we may harm ourselves and others by negative emotions that are quick to surge like anger, envy, fear etc, it is better to practice switching by slowing down. Just take a couple of deep breaths. Scenarios will change instantly. Try and tell others your experience.

Why choose to use only one hand when God has given you two? Preachy, I might sound. But this write-up, is in fact a reminder to myself to make deliberate choices that are helpful and not harmful.

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