Monday, September 14, 2015

Gmail need not remain simple anymore

Gmail is no more simple gmail, rather need not be so.
By installing one of these 16 Apps you can simplify or complicate your gmail usage as much as you please. 
You can: 
    • find large email messages that have heavy attachments, ( to delete them & make space)
    • schedule a message to be sent later, 
    • find out if the recipient opened / read / clicked a link in your message, 
    • whether your gmail reading activity is being tracked, 
    • converting inbox into lists, 
    • send what you are at (any web page) via gmail, 
    • get full info on any contact instantaneously, before you reply
    • Share a label across friends
    • create custom signatures
    • Integrate gmail and dropbox
    • Add animated gif to outgoing message
    • Use gmail offline
    • send self destructing emails
    • unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters
    • create templates / polls in jiffy
I have tried most of them individually at some time or the other and deleted them as too fanciful or not of daily use. Some, I may re-visit again. 
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