Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Peeing and Problems of Ageing

Peeing and problems of Ageing

During Cinema Intermission if you go to the toilet for peeing, do you have to wait for a long time to start? You may feel embarrassed that others are behind you waiting. Sometimes you may even zip up and come away in frustration, without doing what you went in for. Has this ever happened to you? Years ago, Sujatha, a well known Tamil writer, commented that, on such occasions, it is the guy in front in your line that chooses to void copious volumes of undiluted urine. What a contrast!

This predicament may happen to senior citizens who suffer from Prostate Enlargement. It is usually a sign of advanced stage. May be you are waiting for an appointment for surgical intervention. It might also occur in youngsters for no reason at all. They are just timid and have low self confidence.

How do you handle this situation? Normally I choose a seat nearest to the exit door and rush to be the first few to be in the toilet. I prefer a regular closed commode instead of plain open type of urinal stand. Gain enough courage not to budge and come away unfinished. Hold your breath and grind your teeth – these help.

When old men pee there are a couple of other concomitant problems. At times you may forget to zip up after the deed. Sometimes urine may drip down your pants and if the pants are of light color you had it. I once read in a urinal wall facing me:

You might shake it and shake it as much as you please
But the last drop will always drip down your knees

Or the pants may become wet by the cloth touching rims of the toilet oval base. If you are facing loose bowls, fluidic stool may compete with water in getting out first, thus wetting back of your pants as well. How true, these problems are, only the experienced can appreciate this. To avoid these problems, stand properly. Don’t lean on the wall with your mobile in your hand as that may slip into – where, we can’t guess.

Before leaving, pick up your mobile; zip up; observe damages if any and take appropriate action. I am sorry this note is heavily gender biased. But I am sure ladies wouldn’t mind it as they would be relieved that I am not peeping into their peeing privacy. According my friend Dr Thomas, a person who dwells on stool or pee or acts related thereto, is called Professor of Scatological Profanity. Do you think I am one?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

One hand is enough to slap but two are required to clap

One hand is enough to slap but two are required to clap

You slap a person with one hand and that almost always happens on the spur of the moment arising out of galloping anger. You bring both hands together to clap to appreciate someone or something nice.  You also bring your hands together in Namaskar position to show respect to someone. Actions connecting both hands are happening after some responsible thinking on your part.

Slapping a person leads to unwanted or unexpected complications. You may be slapped back. The recipient may hold a grudge and deal with you later in unimagined ways. You might feel guilty but not have the courage to apologize. You may be admonished by others and you may be outlawed.

Clapping in appreciation is a win-win situation. Both are happy and mutual friendship grows. Showing respect with Namaskar fold of hands improves relationship. It is easy. Plenty of opportunities turn up every day.

The title “One hand is enough to slap but two are required to clap” has deeper connotations. Not just applicable to the use of hands. In any situation where we may harm ourselves and others by negative emotions that are quick to surge like anger, envy, fear etc, it is better to practice switching by slowing down. Just take a couple of deep breaths. Scenarios will change instantly. Try and tell others your experience.

Why choose to use only one hand when God has given you two? Preachy, I might sound. But this write-up, is in fact a reminder to myself to make deliberate choices that are helpful and not harmful.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Restricting Road Access by Resident Welfare Association

Restricting Road Access by Resident Welfare Association


Resident Welfare Association in Vikrampuri Colony in Secunderabad is a law unto itself. They behave as if they are the only people to live and others should vanish.  Reasons for my angst are given below:

The colony has constructed several gates preventing free access to area outside or in the boundary of the colony. Most gates are kept closed. Even the gates connecting main roads (Wellington road on one side and Rajeev Rahadhari on the other side) are closed at night, preventing access to OXYGEN hospital on karkhana side, in case of emergencies.
  • 1.     There are many ill designed road bumps for no reason whatsoever in the road linking as mentioned above. There is no school warranting speed breakers. They are so badly designed and constructed that vehicles suffer break down and damage. Even pedestrians suffer injury while walking in the night.
  • 2.     Even manhole covers are in some places 18” above road level making it impossible to use it as a walk way.
  • 3.     Adding insult to injury the colony has recently done this: The road width near Rainbow hospital has been reduced to one third by walls on both sides to accommodate a gate in between. There is a height restricting barricade also near Rainbow Hospital. There is a notice saying it is a private road. Funny thing is that the local (Karkhana PS) police have blindly supported this abuse by displaying a board on their own. First of all, it is NOT a private road. Secunderabad Cantonment Board has not given any permission to convert Vikrampuri into a gated community. Lay out was not designed to be a gated community. When areas surrounding the colonies developed, this isolated colony gated itself preventing access via its roads to other parts in the neighborhood.  Colony residents want to enjoy all the comforts of a developed area but not ready to accommodate their passing through ‘their’ roads. To build height restricting barricade there must be a reason, say high tension wires, low head bridge etc. Here it is plain.
  • 4.     Such artificial gated communities have up in many other places also. Vikrampuri is the leading offender.

Such unlawful activities must be curbed. I request SCB / Police / NGOs and others to take necessary action: a) reduce height of road bumps b) remove height barricade c) Remove gates d) remove false warning that it is a private road.

Gmail need not remain simple anymore

Gmail is no more simple gmail, rather need not be so.
By installing one of these 16 Apps you can simplify or complicate your gmail usage as much as you please. 
You can: 
    • find large email messages that have heavy attachments, ( to delete them & make space)
    • schedule a message to be sent later, 
    • find out if the recipient opened / read / clicked a link in your message, 
    • whether your gmail reading activity is being tracked, 
    • converting inbox into lists, 
    • send what you are at (any web page) via gmail, 
    • get full info on any contact instantaneously, before you reply
    • Share a label across friends
    • create custom signatures
    • Integrate gmail and dropbox
    • Add animated gif to outgoing message
    • Use gmail offline
    • send self destructing emails
    • unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters
    • create templates / polls in jiffy
I have tried most of them individually at some time or the other and deleted them as too fanciful or not of daily use. Some, I may re-visit again. 
​Read the original article here: 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

FD Interest Rates - From TRC - SSS-Global -Sept 2015

FD Interest Rates - From TRC - SSS-Global -Sept 2015

The FDR interest rates(for Seniors) in some of the financial institutions are as under:

NHB SUNIDHI Deposit Scheme (Fully Owned by RBI)

12months/24 months   @8.85 pa (Annualised 9.15%)
36/60months                 @9.10% (9.42%)

1year/18 months     8.85
2 year                      8.95
3year                       9.00 
5 year                      9.25  


1 year                      9.25  (Annualised 9.58)
2/3 years                 9.10
4/5 years                 9.00

Sundaram Finance

1year to 3 years    9.00 % pa Qrtrly interest 


THIRUPTHI (For senior citizens)  Only one year  9.50%

REPCO CROWN      9.25 %


1year/5years         8.75%


555 days                9.10 seniors

5 t0 10 years          9.10%

Above 21 months upto 5 years  9.00%

Lakshmi Vilas Bank    

3 to 5 years         9.10 % pa

Shriram Transport Finance 

36/48/60 months   yearly 9.50%

Since all banks have reduced their rates recently I thought the above information would be of use to seniors

Tamil Nadu Power Finance Corporation rates were intimated some times back which remains unchanged as on date.


Posted by: Tiruvarur Chandrasekaran <>

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What could be this?!?

Please see attached image.
Something looks like Tamil letter sa or cha
If you can enlarge and look at it 100% you will something very strange.

A large bunch / cluster of intertwined petty or pretty roots - terminal ends - of a tree; wet; full of dirt and grime. Want to know the source?
This was retrieved from our bathroom drain pipeline (3/4 inch) that was fully blocked / choked.

How did it get into the underground metal  pipe?
About twenty  feet away, outside the bathroom, in the garden we have a big mango tree. The under ground metal pipe got corroded, full of cracks and holes. Roots got entry to perennial water source; Restricted growth space forced them intertwine within metal pipe finally choking the water flow.

When we got the drain block repaired, this longish block came out! The skilled plumber extricated this just using long thin spring wire used for curtains. He did not break the floor which we feared might become necessary. He admitted that he has never seen such an unexpected blockage.

Dr P Vyasamoorthy
30 Gruhalakshmi Colony, Secunderabad 500015 Telangana
LL 040-27846631 / Mobile: 9490804278

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Senior citizens’ use of computers and mobile phones might shave 10 years off their mental age - Quartz

Everyone fears a decline in mental ability as they age. However, if you are an avid user of technology, that decline could be delayed.
A new study, published in the journal Intelligence, found that the use of computers and mobile phones could partly explain why senior citizens today appears to be four to eight years younger, cognitively speaking, than a similar population less than a decade ago. The positive effect stands up even after controlling for factors such as education, gender, and health.