Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Unusual uses of an Umbrella

Unusual uses of an Umbrella

Seniors carry umbrellas not only when it rains but also to protect themselves from the Sun. Depending upon the occasion, they carry different types of umbrellas. Let us see some usual and odd uses of the Umbrella. They come in different sizes, shapes, colors and designs.
1.     Obviously the most important use of an umbrella is to protect oneself from rain or sun. You can realize its usefulness in sun or rain when you don't have one.
2.     It can be used as substitute for walking stick or walking cane. Many seniors are shy of using a regular walking stick as it might show them in poor light.
3.     If it has a sharp pointed steel end at the top, the umbrella can be used to protect yourself from strange thieves gangsters.
4.     If you want to place clothes on a clothesline located high, long-stem umbrellas come handy.
5.     If dogs or neighbor's pets chase you, you might chase them away with an umbrella
6.     If your name or something special is embroidered onto the umbrella cloth, or of a special color, then it can be used to help a stranger identify you at meeting points in airports bus stations or railway stations.
7.     You may use it to protect yourself from unexpected dirty water splashes from pools on a rainy day caused by vehicles passing by.
8.     If you want a 'friend' not to get back to you soon, you may lend him your umbrella on a rainy day.
         9.   The curved handle part may be used to pluck fruits from trees - bend the branch to bring it nearer.

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