Saturday, July 18, 2015

Seven Silly Bothers of a Serious Morning Walker

Seven Silly Bothers of a Serious Morning Walker


You have decided to walk regularly for improving your health and keep fit. Your attempts could be thwarted by some unexpected problems that put you off. Knowing ahead what these could be and handling the issues effectively would be useful to prevent being a victim. Let us now see what these bothers are:


1.     Pollution: This could be due to vehicular traffic or servants sweeping the front yard to prepare it for sprinkling water or Rangoli. Fortunately not all houses follow any fixed routine.  Just place a hanky to cover your nose and manage.

2.     Weather may be too hot or too cold: Start a bit late if it is too cold in morning hours or return early if it becoming too hot. Protect yourself sensibly using proper clothing.

3.     Stray dogs: They are everywhere trying to find partners to mate or suspicious persons to bite. Morning hours seem very precious for their activities. Be wary. Carry a stick or a cane or walk closer to places where you may pick up stones to throw.

4.     Vehicular traffic: Avoid paths that are likely to witness heavy traffic even in morning hours. Always walk to the right of the road facing traffic coming towards you. If you are hit by someone, it is better to have a chance to know / see who hit you rather than wondering who hit and ran (away).

5.     Security Issues: Gated communities, Army Roads, Internal roads that are not thorough fares and similar places may prevent you from walking or gaining entry to certain places. VIP movements add to your woes. Only way is to befriend the security guys (bribing, nice words, begging etc).

6.     Another walker may hold you up: When you are busy 'completing' the task of health walk in a fixed time frame, another friendly walker may stop you and start talking to you thus wasting your time. I have seen a friend pretending to be deeply involved in chanting some Mantra or Shloka so as to deter his friends disturbing him. Same technique may help you.

7.     No place to pee: You may feel the urge to ease yourself if you have been walking for long. Not finding a toilet / urinal or 'safe' open space may be an issue.  Wear an adult diaper. Collect your pee in a plastic bag to be disposed off elsewhere.

You may share your experience by adding to the above list or saying which tip worked for you.



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