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Fourth KLN Award - Dr Radha S Murthy of NMT Bangalore

​Most of us connected with senior citizens or retirees know about Dr Radha S Murthy of Nightingales Medical Trust. She has been awarded Fourth KLN Award. She very richly deserves it. Please share this happy news among friends who might know her. Vyasamoorthy

Fourth KLN Award

The recipient of the fourth KLN Award is Dr. Radha S. Murthy of Bangalore.

Dr. Radha Murthy is the founder and managing trustee of Nightingales Medical Trust and president of the Alzheimer's & Related Disorders Society of India, Bangalore chapter. She holds an MBBS degree from St. John's Medical College, Bangalore.

Inspired by her personal experiences, Dr. Radha Murthy founded Nightingales Home Health Services in 1996, to provide round-the-clock emergency as well as routine home health care  visits by doctors and nurses to the home-bound in Bangalore. Dr. Radha Murthy received a citation of honor in 2006 from the International Association of Homes and Services for the Aging in the United States. The Government of India recognized her work in aging and elder care and awarded her the Vayoshreshtha Samman in 2009. Actively engaged with her community, she is the recipient of multiple awards  from the Rotary Foundation, India, including the Paul Harris fellowship in 2005.

In her work, Dr. Radha Murthy shows a special engagement with dementia - a range of conditions affecting the elderly, including Alzheimer's related memory loss and other declines in cognitive ability, which adversely affect their daily functioning. She has been invited to deliver talks on dementia care and related subjects in India, the UK, Australia and Spain. From a research clinic for diagnosing, managing and preventing dementia, to residential facilities for dementia patients, Dr Radha Murthy's activities grow organically, one out of the other.  In 2010 she set up the Nightingales Centre for Aging and Alzheimer's, a 75-bed residential facility for patients with dementia. Out of this grew, in 2014, the smaller ETCM-Nightingales Dementia Care Centre which, leveraged the experience from the Centre for Aging and Alzheimer's, using tele-medicine to provide services in satellite locations, on a smaller scale which would  otherwise not be possible.

In what is a first in India, and likely globally including the United States, Dr. Radha Murthy and Nightingales Medical Trust teamed up with the Bangalore Police Department to set up an Elder's Helpline in 2002. Worldwide, the infrastructure of elder care and regulation is geared primarily to address elder abuse in institutional settings, such as retirement homes, care facilities, hospices, etc. Most governments around the world now recognize that nearly 90% of elder abuse occurs in family settings. However, little infrastructure exists to address abuse where the abuser is a family member and victims are hesitant to reveal their abuse or their abuser. On World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15, 2015, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said "Elder abuse often occurs in quiet, private settings, making public response more important."  Bangalore's Elders Helpline focuses, by design, on this hidden epidemic.

Dr. Radha Murthy's involvement with seniors' concerns spans a wide range from dementia management and services for victims of elder abuse, to simple fall-prevention exercises and elder empowerment. For her foresight and pioneering role as a catalyst in issues affecting the elderly, engaging and collaborating with the local community and the local government to make a difference in seniors' lives, we are pleased to award Dr.Radha S. Murthy the fourth KLN Award.

Manohar Kanuri, Trustee

Tathastu - A mobile based errand service - Useful for SEnior Citizens

I got this from Justice TNC Rangarajan

Omkar Borkar
Omkar Borkar, I love my country
Be it a romantic dinner on an isolated mountaintop, or just a cab to the airport, or rescuing you from your broken down car in the middle of the highway. If you want to book a tatkal ticket or craving for some food at 3am. And they say Tathastu, literally.

Tathastu is a startup by four IITB graduates. The concept of Tathastu revolves around the idea of getting your things done. The menial labour for which you don't have to spend your time. You just have to whatsapp them what you want and its done.

Have a look at these:

Mostly they are getting orders from senior citizens to get medicines and from professionals to get their things done. Personally I love this idea. But I hope they dont charge extravagant rates for their personal assistance.

Their service isn't yet available to everyone. Its available on a first come first serve basis. If you register on their website, they will notify you once the service is available to you.
I have registered long ago. Still haven't received any notification.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Unusual uses of an Umbrella

Unusual uses of an Umbrella

Seniors carry umbrellas not only when it rains but also to protect themselves from the Sun. Depending upon the occasion, they carry different types of umbrellas. Let us see some usual and odd uses of the Umbrella. They come in different sizes, shapes, colors and designs.
1.     Obviously the most important use of an umbrella is to protect oneself from rain or sun. You can realize its usefulness in sun or rain when you don't have one.
2.     It can be used as substitute for walking stick or walking cane. Many seniors are shy of using a regular walking stick as it might show them in poor light.
3.     If it has a sharp pointed steel end at the top, the umbrella can be used to protect yourself from strange thieves gangsters.
4.     If you want to place clothes on a clothesline located high, long-stem umbrellas come handy.
5.     If dogs or neighbor's pets chase you, you might chase them away with an umbrella
6.     If your name or something special is embroidered onto the umbrella cloth, or of a special color, then it can be used to help a stranger identify you at meeting points in airports bus stations or railway stations.
7.     You may use it to protect yourself from unexpected dirty water splashes from pools on a rainy day caused by vehicles passing by.
8.     If you want a 'friend' not to get back to you soon, you may lend him your umbrella on a rainy day.
         9.   The curved handle part may be used to pluck fruits from trees - bend the branch to bring it nearer.

Monday, July 20, 2015

School Bags that Cripple Boys and Girls

School Bags that Cripple Boys and Girls

“Studying in LKG but carrying 5KG” is the observation of a sensitive but helpless parent, lamenting on the back breaking heavy bags carried by school children nowadays. The question was posed to members of a social web group of senior citizens called SSS-GLOBAL and the suggestions received to mitigate the problem are listed below. Prior to that the scenario Maharashra will be useful.

According to a report, over 58 per cent of students below 10 years of age have mild muscle pain while 75 per cent of those below 12 years of age were found to be falling ill and having fever from time to time due to heavy bags. Medical experts too have issued alerts about the toll it (heavy bags) takes on the health of students. Many committees were formed and reports were submitted at state and national levels on the issue. Experts considered options ranging from ‘no school bags for kids’ to restrictions of the weight of school bags to 10 per cent of the weight of the student. In AP the rule stipulates a maximum of 5Kg per student.

Now for suggestions from SSS-Global:

1.      Printing text books in parts thus taking only small part of any book at a time.
2.      Using only one big note book with partitions for many subjects
3.      Providing storage shelf in schools
4.      Re-designing syllabus / exams / terms / sessions / homework / time-tables
5.      Children also carry lunch box, water bottle, rain coat, umbrella. These extras may be avoided by providing food and water in school itself; giving light weight rain coats or protective apparel.  
6.      One solution to reduce weight of school bag is students should buy two copies of each text book- one for school and another for home. They should carry only notebooks or workbooks in their bags.  No doubt, it might cost more expenditure for parents.  
7.      The entire text book should be available online or downloaded in a Tablet which can easily be carried by the  student.
8.      By Introducing lap tops and electronic devices, the weight may get reduced to some extent
9.      Fighting the evil via Parents-Teachers Associations
10.  Vigilance should provided by govt. and the Principal should be heavily fined for not following govt. instruction. (Maximum 5 Kg per student)
11.  In one school the children are not given home work at all and they have an hour of assisted work period at the end of the day when they do the exercises with the teacher available to clear doubts. All their books are kept in the school itself.
12.  If not more than three subjects are taught in a day, then the number of books required to be take will reduce.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Alzheimer's Disease

Here is my take on Alzheimer's Disease. This is despite the fact I am a member of Deccan Chapter of Alzheimer's and Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI) India. Dr Aruna Alladi, Ms Ansari, Dr Jacob Roy and others are good friends. I take part in awareness programs on AD. But, pardon me for my one-sided views.

Some times, I tend to agree with Prof Kalluri Subba Rao, when he says there is a lot of hype and noise about Alzheimer's Disease. Americans have a way of conducting research on silliest of issues and scare you to death with half baked (and vested-party-cooked-up) results. Take memory loss in old age for instance. As far as I remember, every household had a few old people to care about. Memory loss was taken as routine part of ageing. No one bothered about the condition except doing whatever was possible to keep oldies happy and comfortable. It was a part of cultural ethos to accept the inevitable with grace and move on. No one was scared of providing care to old persons with diminishing memory health.

It is only during the past decade or so we hear about dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. More we read, all the more we get screed and start worrying. One in five get AD? Will it be me? This is like the Horlicks Advertisement that says every other woman suffers from low bone density problems and the only way to combat it, is taking Horlicks with absolute regularity and fill the coffers of that company. This is happening in the field of mental health: everyday a set of popular symptoms get a new name / label of a disease condition. Then starts a series of medicines, diagnosis, tests, expertise, procedures etc for the same. An entire new branch of industry comes up where there was no need in first instance. Whole thing is unethical and promoted by greedy doctors and pharma sector.

Now we have Day Care Centers, Special Carers, Support groups, Memory Clinics, Annual Shows, Government funding, research reports etc. Somehow more awareness is scaring. Ignorance is bliss. How to combat this evil? Just take it easy and ask someone to shoot you the moment you are 'diagnosed' as having AD. Isn't that very simple?

Dr P Vyasamoorthy
30 Gruhalakshmi Colony, Secunderabad 500015 Telangana
LL 040-27846631 / Mobile: 9490804278

Happy to get first payment of Rs 6000/- for allowing advertisements in my blogs.

Practical Advice to Handle Angry guys – that includes you!

Practical Advice to Handle Angry guys – that includes you!

Nowadays I find many senior citizens becoming target of anger at the hands of youngsters. Seniors are targeted because they are vulnerable, cannot (more often, do not want to) fight back because of peculiar circumstances they are in. As they are likely to be mature through experience spanning six or more decades, handling other peoples’ anger should not be difficult.

Why do people get angry? It is because of disappointment over expected things not happening or unexpected things happening. Therefore the root cause is expectation as to how things ought to be. Can we learn to accept things / events as they happen without our seeing them through colored glasses? That is, without any sort of emotional involvement? Let us see.

What to do if someone is angry at you? If you are sane and calm, keep quiet and just listen. Later, try to get at the root of the problem. Most often anger is only the external symptom. Causes could be hidden and not apparent. If you are equally in non-receptive mood, just move away. Don’t try to reason out or justify. This only aggravates the issue.

What to do when you are visibly angry? If the person on whom you are angry is someone who would stomach it, vent off your anger and apologize when you cool down. This could be a subordinate, wife or a friend who understands the situation, cooperates by keeping quiet and not adding fuel to the fire. Displaying anger when it comes and cooling off, compromising are better than bottling up anger that leads to stress and increase of Blood Pressure.

If the person upon whom you are angry is someone to whom you cannot afford to display your anger (consequences would be highly unpleasant), then try to control your anger by moving away from the scene; force yourself to sit and take a couple of deep breaths

Getting angry could be a routine pattern of reaction to many. It could be defense mechanism. The trigger could be trivial and a matter of no concern at all, most of the times. Hard core angry men who would not ever realise the futility of getting angry, or those who don’t realize the harm they causing to others need counseling and help. Provide these if feasible. If this is not possible, cut off your relationship and don’t see him again.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Seven Silly Bothers of a Serious Morning Walker

Seven Silly Bothers of a Serious Morning Walker


You have decided to walk regularly for improving your health and keep fit. Your attempts could be thwarted by some unexpected problems that put you off. Knowing ahead what these could be and handling the issues effectively would be useful to prevent being a victim. Let us now see what these bothers are:


1.     Pollution: This could be due to vehicular traffic or servants sweeping the front yard to prepare it for sprinkling water or Rangoli. Fortunately not all houses follow any fixed routine.  Just place a hanky to cover your nose and manage.

2.     Weather may be too hot or too cold: Start a bit late if it is too cold in morning hours or return early if it becoming too hot. Protect yourself sensibly using proper clothing.

3.     Stray dogs: They are everywhere trying to find partners to mate or suspicious persons to bite. Morning hours seem very precious for their activities. Be wary. Carry a stick or a cane or walk closer to places where you may pick up stones to throw.

4.     Vehicular traffic: Avoid paths that are likely to witness heavy traffic even in morning hours. Always walk to the right of the road facing traffic coming towards you. If you are hit by someone, it is better to have a chance to know / see who hit you rather than wondering who hit and ran (away).

5.     Security Issues: Gated communities, Army Roads, Internal roads that are not thorough fares and similar places may prevent you from walking or gaining entry to certain places. VIP movements add to your woes. Only way is to befriend the security guys (bribing, nice words, begging etc).

6.     Another walker may hold you up: When you are busy 'completing' the task of health walk in a fixed time frame, another friendly walker may stop you and start talking to you thus wasting your time. I have seen a friend pretending to be deeply involved in chanting some Mantra or Shloka so as to deter his friends disturbing him. Same technique may help you.

7.     No place to pee: You may feel the urge to ease yourself if you have been walking for long. Not finding a toilet / urinal or 'safe' open space may be an issue.  Wear an adult diaper. Collect your pee in a plastic bag to be disposed off elsewhere.

You may share your experience by adding to the above list or saying which tip worked for you.



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Prof Vontimitta Visweswaraiah - Obituary

Prof Vontimitta Visweswaraiah - Obituary

Prof Visweswaraiah passed away at 5:15 pm on 14th July 2015 after a brief illness, in Secunderabad.
I have lost a great friend and guide in his death. We were together in a number of seminars symposia, meetings, workshops and associations.  He was a teacher, philanthropist, gerontologist, administrator and a traveler. He was pious, friendly, helpful, generous, tolerant, mild, selfless and soft spoken. There are hundreds of living witnesses for his generosity in kind, cash, action and thoughts. I am fortunate to be one among these.  For those who may not have known him well I am giving below some details taken from my files.


Prof Vontimitta Visweswariah born on 1-6-1930 in Andhra Pradesh is an alumnus of university of Madras and has the distinction of working for 46years as a lecturer, professor and principal of several degree colleges in AP. He contributed in restructuring syllabus Class I to Degree as Member of Board of Studies, Academic Council and Senate of Universities in the state. In appreciation of his untiring efforts in developing the college into one of excellence in the entire state, Municipality of Jaggaiahpet where he worked for 22 years as founder principal of a Degree College honored him by developing a park in the town after his name. The State Government conferred on him the “Best Teacher award”, which he received from Dr. N.T Rama Rao, the then Chief Minister of A.P. The Nagarjuna University nominated him as a member of Syndicate of the University, which gave him an opportunity for introducing student friendly reforms in the University administration. He’s an Author of several textbooks in Mathematics, which were well received by students and teachers.

After retirement in 2000, while others added years to life, he has been adding life to years. He is spending his time, energy and resources for the cause of betterment of life of Sr. Citizens in the country. He has been advocating with the State and Central Governments for the legitimate rights of Senior citizens as enshrined in the NPOP, 1999 and Maintenance and welfare of parents and Sr.citizens act 2007. He was instrumental in arranging seminars, workshops etc. on health and nutrition for elders, elder abuse etc as secretary/ President of Association of Senior Citizens of Hyderabad which was adjudged as the best urban Senior Citizen facility in the entire county by AISCCON in 2004.

Government of Andhra Pradesh conferred on him a State Award during World Elders Day in 2007. He was largely responsible for the unification of Sr.citizen Associations in Andhra Pradesh and for the formation of an Apex Body namely Andhra Pradesh Sr.Citizens Confederation in 2008 for which he was unanimously elected as its founder Secretary General. Later he became it’s Associate President for two terms. He was Vice-President of AISCCON (2010-13) and as Convener of several committees, he contributed his best for the well being of elders. He was on the delegation that met then chairperson of UPA, Smt Sonia Gandhi. She promised a few of our demands which were reflected in the National budget of 2011.

Apart form working for the welfare of the indigent senior citizens he is a philanthropist who gives away a major part of his pension for, supporting the activities intended for the welfare of Senior Citizens such as Old Age Homes. It is amazing that he also exerts physically by travelling extensively (spending his own money), to attend to all the meetings and duties connected with the senior citizens welfare. In appreciation of his untiring efforts for the wellbeing of Senior Citizens several associations in the state honored him profusely. He was honored APAMT, Praja Alachona Vedika, etc. He received “Gurajada Bhujanga Rao Award” for the best father by Tygaraja Gana Sabha, Hyderabad.

He contributes regularly articles, letters and essays to print media for publication and participates in seminars and group discussions in electronic media on problems of senior citizens and old age homes. As President of RTC Colony welfare association, he was able to get all facilities to the colony such as drinking water, underground drainage, and cement roads etc. costing Rs. 82 lakh from GHMC. The grateful residents honored him on Independence day in 2012.

Some of the achievements such as landmark judgment on Human Rights of Senior Citizens in old age homes by State Human Rights Commission, starting of generic medicines outlets, formation of Lok Adalat bench for Senior Citizens in A.P are due to his persistent efforts with the concerned officials and public.

During 2013 Apart from holding prestigious posts at State and Central level, which involves lot of correspondence and travel, he has taken up two more important assignments, which involves continuous planning and supervision. He is running a charitable old age home for destitute and abandoned elders and constructed a new block to accommodate 25 more persons at a cost of Rs. 40 lakh with the contributions of philanthropic public. APSCCON entered an MOU with the State Government and started several generic medicines outlets in the state. He is the Chairman of Generic medicines outlet at Osmania General Hospital which sells generic medicines at 1/3rd of MRP. During last 14 months 1.5 Lakh patients purchased 1.56 Cr worth of Generic medicines and they were financially benefitted to the extent of Rs4.02 Cr, which means 11 Lakh patients enjoy a saving of Rs 30Lakh every month.

Last year as Chairman of Jeevandhara, he conducted seminars for creating awareness on Generic medicines in the public and medical camps in slum areas in the city. He donated a sum of Rs. 8 lakh to Osmania General Hospital for purchase of equipment in the Geriatric ward to be established shortly. This speaks of his passion for working for the welfare of Sr. Citizens and the general public at large.

As president of Mata Pitrula Seva Sadanam (Old Age home for poor and abandoned seniors), he has saved many poor destitute senior citizens from the jaws of death due to poverty and illness.

It is amazing that at his advanced age in eighties, he continues to work with passion consistently for the welfare of his society particularly helpless and indigent senior citizens. He’s a firm believer in the saying “They alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive.” –Swami Vivekananda and Mother Theresa’s philosophy of “Helping Hands are far better than praying lips.” 

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Thank God, Do I have so many well wishers on IndiBlogger?

Thank God, Do I have so many well wishers?

I am back on IndiBlogger after a gap of two years. All my blogs mentioned below are active, but interaction via IndiBlogger ceased for certain reasons.

I felt the focus of my writing is mainly concerned with the elderly retired people and the bulk of Indian bloggers are youngsters, therefore, they may not be interested in my posts.

But the announcement about promoting and popularizing World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (=WEAAD) drew my attention and I am back. Now I am grateful to find so many loyalists who could get back with appreciation after such a gap. I am thankful to each one of you.

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How to contact the Prime Minister - Sri Narendra Modi - Are you having questions/suggestion or query for Prime minister Narendra Modi? Are you searching contract details of Narendra modi? here is full information about how to contact PM narendra modi, 10 ways to interact with Prime Minister of India, with all the available options.

How To Contact PM Narendra Modi - PMO India - Contact Details Of Narendra Modi

Contact PM Narendra Modi

India just opted their new Prime minister Shri Narendra modi in recent 16th loksabha election with largest majority. And all people and citizen of india having something to say to their PM Narendra modi. Some one have question, query, suggestion and many more things to say to their pm. This post will give you all the available option to contact with PM Office or Prime minister Narendra modi.

1. Contact PM Narendra modi via their official website :-

If you have any query or question or suggestion, you can directly contact PM narendra modi via their official website. Yes, Just login to and register yourself to contact PMO india. This is official portal designed by PM staff for indian citizen to interact with PM narendra modi. All you have to do is just sign up and start interacting with Narendra modi sir.

Read:- 27 Key Achievements of Narendra Modi Government 

2. Writer Letter to PM or Call or Fax.

Now you can directly write Letter to PM Narendra Modi to their PM office address. You can write any postcard and send it to below mentioned address. It has been said by reports that PM Modi is getting daily 2000+ letters from all over india.

Web Information Manager
South Block, Raisina Hill
New Delhi-110011
Phone No: +91-11-23012312
Fax: +91-11-23019545,23016857

Note :- Above details has been fetched from (contact us page).

Or you can just write "Honorable Prime minister of India, 7 Race Course Road, New Delhi" on address, it will be reach to PM Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi has replied to important letters in past, so you can try this thing most.

3. Write via Portal

You can interact and participate with PM Narendra modi for idea sharing and to share your question and query. Just go to the this page Register to MyGov Portal and register yourself, you will get all benefits of portal. MyGov is a Platform for Citizen Engagement towards Good Governance in India. From this portal,Narendra Modi has took many suggestions and feedback till date.

4. Write RTI to PMO India

You can write RTI to PMO india for any question or query related to PMO india.Applications seeking information under the RTI Act, 2005 shall be accompanied by a fee of Rs. 10.00 in either of the following modes- In cash deposited with the Cashier, PMO in person Demand Draft / Bankers’ Cheque for Rs 10/- (the application fee.) The draft may be drawn in favour of the “Section Officer, Prime Minister’s Office” payable at New Delhi Postal Order drawn in favour of “Section Officer, Prime Minister’s Office”.
With a valid proof of applicant being exempt from making payment of the fess as he/she belongs to Below Poverty Line (BPL) category.

More information posted here :- PMO India RTI Page 

5. Tweet PMO india or Narendra Modi

Now you can contact with PM directly via their twitter handle. You can mention your tweet at @PMOIndia or at @Narendramodi :)

Update :- You can receive Tweets of Narendra Modi Directly on your Mobile Phone as SMS, Just Miss call on  011 3006 3006. Just Miss call on this no and subscribe to NaMo's Tweets, whenever Narendra Modi Tweets, the tweets will be sent to your Mobile phone as SMS.

6. Send message to Narendra modi via their Youtube Channel.

if you have any question or query you can send your message to Narendra modi via their Youtube channel too. Just go to this page Narendra Modi's Youtube Channel and send your message via 'send message' option.

7. Post on Facebook page.

You can post your question or query to PM of india via their facebook page. Just go to Narendra Modi Facebook Page or and post your question or query in facebook post as comment.

8. Email Address of Narendra Modi

Update :- is Prime Minister's Email ID. We got it from his Android App page. 

As of now, there is no official Email Address of PM Narendra Modi is available, if there is any,will be updated here soon. Thanks. 

9. Contact on Instagram, LinkedIn or Weibo

Narendra modi has joined Instagram, LinkedIn and Weibo too, you can contact him there too,now. :)




10. Narendra Modi Android Application

Yes, now you can interact with Prime minister directly via his Android Application. Just download NaMo android application in your smartphone and start interacting with your PM Directly. 

On this android application, you will get recent news updates related to narendra modi, you can receive E-Mails & Messages directly from the PM, read narendra modi's Blog, and much more related to NaMo.

These are 10 ways you can reach your prime minister. So easy right? In case of your suggestion or query, just shoot mail or message via any of above way to interact with Narendra Modi.

So, These are the available source of contact via which you can contact Shri Narendra Modi or Prime minister of india office. If you have any question or query, or Just want to say Thank you for this, you can post comment below, thanks :).


Last journey of cockroach with help of ants

Power of WhatsApp: When not one but two Delhi govt ministers rushed to rescue elderly - Janta Ka Reporter

​See how technology can empower people and how officials - including ministers - can become responsive.​

Delhi • India • Uncategorized
Power of WhatsApp: When not one but two Delhi govt ministers rushed to rescue elderly
by Janta Ka
​ Reporter​

The incessant downpour on Saturday brought normal life to a grinding halt with most parts of north India experiencing heavy rains.

In Delhi, several areas were reported to be waterlogged as the capital failed to cope with the heaviest rainfall of the season.

The state government urged the residents to contact them if they needed government's intervention.
However, the most poignant moment came in the evening when a correspondent working with the ANI, Asutosh Mishra, informed the Delhi government's media cell's WhatsApp group that elderly occupants of Earth Savior Foundation old age home in south Delhi's Vasantkunj required urgent help.

He wrote, "Amardeep (an aide to Manish Sisodia), pls send some help there. old age home mein paani bhar gaya hai. saare old age people bahut pareshaan hain (Old age home is inundated with water, the occupants are in distress.) Convey this message to concerned department.)"
Within seconds Amardeep's reply came, " Minister Sandeep Kumar (Woemn and Child Development Minister) on his way to Earth Savior old age home."

He followed up with another message, " Minister Satyendra Jain (Health Minister) is also going to the old age home, Vasantkunj."

And, so the hapless residents of the old age home had help at their doorstep under the supervision of not one but two cabinet ministers of Delhi government. hopes the elderly residents are being taken care of well.

Delhi government had set up a WhatsApp group to interact with the media fraternity after they came to power. Little had they realised that this would one day become a lifesaving medium for dozens of elderly people in the capital.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

She gets Library card after 73 years

This news item is interesting because it makes a senior citizen happy and a library rectifies an error it committed after a long time.