Thursday, October 2, 2014

Some lamentations about meetings

Some lamentations about meetings


One observation I cannot resist making: As in ALL meetings that I have participated, - without exceptions - where Awards giving is a part of the function, this part is almost always relegated to be the last item. When the awards are distributed, the hall gets emptied and after a few minutes; only the dignitaries and officials handing over the awards / certificates, awardees (perhaps his family and friends) and the photographer remains. Even the fellow awardees disappear. Most awardees do not have even a single person to clap or notice. If senior citizens can not have the patience to wait, clap, applaud their own colleagues being felicitated, what a disgrace! Do we have a right feeling neglected from other sections of the society? To organizers, I would to strongly appeal to wedge awards function in the middle of entire meeting.


Another thing I have noticed: When there are, say, ten persons on the dais, the first few who are asked to speak must have sense to limit their talking appropriately and finish in time leaving the podium for others. Most often, the speakers in Q are given lesser and lesser time, making it a mockery of sorts. When all dignitaries are placed in one row how can one presume he is more important than others and take away all the time to oneself? Senior Citizens are the worst offenders and most do not leave the mike unless reminded at least twice. After all, none of us have anything earth-shakingly new to share. 

Event organizers must learn from rich experience they have and avoid these lapses carefully.




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