Friday, January 31, 2014

Hundred and Odd Ways to keep yourself busy


Society for Serving Seniors strongly believes that Senior Citizens should take care of themselves as far as possible and lead an independent life with dignity and respect. They must take responsibility for themselves for the sake of their own happiness. Fully responsible seniors not only take complete care of themselves but also reach out, not
only to their families in a non-interfering manner but also to the society at large.   This they do by giving back to society what  society has given them all along.  Stemming from this belief, seniors should engage themselves in productive ageing.

A long list of nearly 130 plus ideas are given to set us thinking on what we can take up in order to be alive and alert always – not just existing but living.  This is a random list just one line per idea / activity. The talk as such deals with just four aspects: Second career opportunities, second marriage or companionship, listening to others as a service and lastly managing incontinence and frequent urination.

On second careers, description of contents (and their usefulness) of a blog on second careers is given. This blog brings together in one place details of all vacancies meant for retirees.  All reliable surces are covered.  About second marriage several sources for finding suitable companions for marriage or live-in relationship are explored. THodu needa in Hyderabad, Amulya in Ahmadabad are described,

Lonely senior citizens simply like to be listened. They want to talk. Can we find persons ready to listen – lend their ears? Details of such services including PESU and others are mentioned. Every SCA can start similar services without any investment. Listening service is differentiated from counselling or serious advice.

Senior citizens, especially older women suffer from incontinence, frequent urination etc. Male members suffer from prostate enlargement related problems. Simple ways of avoiding or minimising the problem are mentioned. Extensive discussions are made on the use of adult diapers and under pads. Availability, sizes, types and cost are indicated.

The long list of activities given in the appendix itself is worth a read. To provide an incentive to read the full list ‘an odd man out” sentence has also been inserted. Original list has been expanded via contributions from friends.


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